Ford Roadside Assistance in Canada image of woman by a car

How can I get Ford Roadside Assistance?

Download the Roadside Assistance app to get help anytime, anywhere in Canada 

How can you get Ford Roadside Assistance? It is as easy as making a call. The Roadside Assistance application on your compatible device will help you register your vehicle, call an agent, and get help anytime and anywhere in Canada or the continental United States. Keep reading below to view some frequently asked questions about Ford Roadside Assistance. 

Ford Roadside Assistance application on a smartphone
Who can use Ford Roadside Assistance? 

New Ford vehicles sold in Canada include a limited-time coverage period for Ford Roadside Assistance. What we mean is that anyone who has recently purchased a new Ford vehicle is eligible to use Ford Roadside Assistance. Your Ford Roadside Assistance plan will last throughout your vehicle’s powertrain coverage period of its New Vehicle Limited Warranty. 

What number can I call to get Ford Roadside Assistance? 

When you need assistance, you can call toll-free at 1-800-665-2006. We highly recommend saving this number in your phone in case of emergency. This number is reachable anytime and anywhere in Canada. 

What can I use the Ford Roadside Assistance app for? 

The Ford Roadside Assistance smartphone application provides you with additional convenience. This app can be found on your phone’s app store. It allows you to register your vehicle, receive prioritized service, avoid waiting on hold, request an agent call back, and more. Plus, your phone’s GPS can be used to accurately track your location, which means that help can be on the way sooner. 

What can Ford Roadside Assistance do for me? 

Ford Roadside Assistance can help you out when your vehicle needs to be towed or jump-started. They can also get you emergency travel reimbursement in some situations. Their goal is to help you in the rare event that your Ford vehicle is not functioning properly to drive.