2020 Ford Super Duty technology

2020 Ford Super Duty Driver-Assist Technology

What driver-assist technologies are available on a 2020 Ford Super Duty truck? 

In a modern vehicle, we have started to give everything over to technology, including our safety. A 2020 Ford Super Duty can be equipped with the eight driver-assist technologies that we have written about below. These technologies supplement your driving skills and the traditional safety measures with an extra layer of security. 

Eight driver-assist technologies available for the 2020 Ford Super Duty 

2020 Ford Super Duty – Pro Trailer Backup Assist ™ 

Backing up with a trailer can be tricky but it doesn’t need to be. The Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature can do it for you. All you do is simply rotate a knob to tell it where you want the trailer to go.  

2020 Ford Super Duty – Pre-collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) 

Picture yourself driving through the city and some distracted person steps out between two parked cars. Now, they are in your projected path. While you can react fast, technology can help. This system will alert you to potential hazards and help apply brake pressure. 

2020 Ford Super Duty – Adaptive Cruise Control 

Take cruise control to a new level of convenience. This feature will not only stay at your set speed but will also adjust to traffic in front of you. Your vehicle will slow and speed up with the flow of traffic. 

2020 Ford Super Duty – Auto High-Beam Headlamps 

Driving at night is never fun, and even less so when you constantly have to turn your high beam lights on and off. This system will do it for you by detecting oncoming traffic. These lights can automatically switch on and automatically dim. 

2020 Ford Super Duty – BLIS ® (Blind Spot Information System) with Trailer Coverage 

Changing lanes with a boat behind you is difficult to do. We’ve all experienced the unfortunate issue of a blind spot, but these spots can double with an object in tow. This system can help alert you to a vehicle there. 

2020 Ford Super Duty – Lane-Keeping Alert 

Drifting out of your lane can cause a hazard to other vehicles. In a moment of distraction, you can create a dangerous situation. That’s why the Lane-Keeping Alert system will help keep you in your lane. 

2020 Ford Super Duty – Rear View Camera 

This feature provides a nice, wide view of the area behind your vehicle. While the rear-view mirror and side mirrors are great resources to help you back up, this camera system can provide an even better view. You’ll need to keep the camera clear of debris to use this helpful feature. 

2020 Ford Super Duty – Hill Descent Control ™  

Keep a controlled descent with Hill Descent Control. Instead of slipping and sliding, your vehicle will maintain a set speed on an incline. The system automatically applies the brakes as needed. 

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