2020 Ford Super Duty towing trailer showing maximum tow rating

What is the maximum towing capacity for the 2020 Ford Super Duty?

2020 Ford Super Duty engine specs and tow ratings 

Heavy-duty pickup drivers are some of the most demanding consumers in the automotive market, which makes sense when you consider that their job description usually consists of hauling large pieces of machinery to and from the worksite. In these instances, you’ll need a truck that’s up to the task, and for the better part of the last half-century, there’s been no breed more capable of this than the Ford Super Duty.  

For the upcoming model year, the Super Duty returns even more powerful than ever before, and we’re excited to show you what it’ll be capable of. So, join Sherwood Ford today as we take you through the 2020 Ford Super Duty engine specs and tow ratings! 

Engine options and performance specs for the 2020 Ford Super Duty 

Two ultra-strong engines are yours for the taking under the hood of the new Super Duty, both of them capable of giving you best-in-class performance. The first is a conventional 7.3-litre gasoline V8, capable of churning out 430 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque. However, you can also opt for a 6.7-litre Power Stroke Diesel option, able to produce 475 horsepower and 1,050 pound-feet of torque. Yes, you read that correctly. 

Ford Super Duty Pickup with payload info disclosed in bed

Towing and payload capacity of the 2020 Ford Super Duty 

The Super Duty’s (pardon the pun) super strength also allows it to be quite the achiever in terms of hauling. Its diesel engine is the best of the bunch, unsurprisingly, able to handle 24,200 pounds of conventional towing, 32,500 pounds of fifth-wheel towing, and as much as 37,000 pounds of gooseneck towing when properly equipped – all three of these figures are best in class.  

Payload is also not a problem with either engine equipped; the Super Duty’s gas option can handle a maximum payload rating of 7,850 pounds, which, again, is class leading. Truly, there’s nothing like a Super Duty model to handle any work you need to do.  

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Get more information on the upcoming 2020 Ford Super Duty with Sherwood Ford  

Based off all that we’ve just told you, it should come as no surprise that the 2020 Ford Super Duty is one of the most highly anticipated heavy-duty pickups in recent memory. Give our sales team at Sherwood Ford a call today if you’d like more information!