Power Takeoff Rating for the 2020 Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab

Life on the work site requires you to have an ultra-powerful truck by your side, able to handle anything and everything that you need to pull or haul. That’s where the new Ford Super Duty comes in – with its Power Stroke turbo diesel engine outfitted, you can power anything from snowplows to hydraulic units from your truck. Check out the Power Takeoff Rating for the 2020 Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab with Sherwood Ford below!

What does Power Takeoff (PTO) Do?

Basically, Power takeoff is what allows trucks to generate power for hydraulic equipment – by mounting accessory equipment to the Ford Super Duty’s TorqShift® 10-speed automatic transmission, Power takeoff gives you increased functionality with applications like cranes, boom lifts, generators and more.

Isolated image of Ford Super Duty Power Stroke diesel engine

Isolated view of Ford's 10-speed TorqueFlite transmission

Power Takeoff Rating of Ford Super Duty Power Stroke Diesel Engine

PTO is an option on the 2020 Super Duty, but if you choose to have it outfitted, you’ll be in line for 300 pound-feet of stationary torque; not only is this best in class (as is expected from heavy-duty Ford models), but it’s a rating that’s over 50 pound-feet higher than its next closest competitor.

This technology is also available on Chassis Cab Super Duty models that will come with its new 7.3-litre gasoline V8, though we’re still waiting on final specs. Long story short, if your commercial or heavy-duty truck needs more strength to get the job done, the Super Duty is always a worthy choice.

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