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How to winterize your Ford vehicle

Recommended services to get your Ford vehicle ready for winter weather 

Like it or not, cold and snow are fast approaching us here in Edmonton, and with that comes the need to get your model in good shape to combat the changing of the seasons. Our Sherwood Ford service centre is proud to offer the best services possible to get you ready for the drop in Celsius, so join us today as we show you our recommended services to get your Ford vehicle ready for winter weather. With these taken care of, you’ll be ready to tackle any elements! 

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Engine Coolant 

To keep your motor running smoothly in all conditions, you’ll need the right coolant inside to ensure that it’s able to keep up with varying temperatures. We recommend using MotorCraft coolants inside your model, though the type can vary depending on the year, model type and trim level of your Ford.  

Car Battery 

At around –18 degrees Celsius, your car’s battery runs with about half the power it normally would at summer temperatures, so it’s essential to make sure that it’s ready to roll once the weather gets cold. Before winter, check that your posts aren’t corroded, that there’s no leakage, and have a good idea of how far your battery is in its lifespan (around 3 to 5 years). If it doesn’t meet these specs, come in and see us to get a new one installed! 

Tire Changeover/Swap 

To get your tires ready for fall and winter conditions, we have two recommended servicing options. The first is a tire changeover, where we switch out the sets of rubber for winter while keeping the wheels and rims intact. Or, you can opt for a tire swap, where we replace both your rims and rubber for increased effectiveness. It’s up to you!  

Windshield Washer Fluid 

Once the temperature drops below five degrees, it’s time to get a new batch of washer fluid installed under the hood. To decrease harmful residue from dirt, salt or mud, we offer a fluid composition that also has antifreeze properties, perfect for winter driving. Contact our service team today to get it replaced!  

Cabin Air Filter 

Much like the Oilers’ Darnell Nurse and Ethan Bear, think of your air filter as a first line of defence against decreased performance from your engine. Going too long without replacing it can result in lower fuel economy, higher emissions, and possibly engine failure. So, to combat this, come to our dealership to get a new one installed in your model. You’ll be glad you did! 

Oil Filter Change 

Combining short run times and cold temperatures is bad business for your engine oil, as condensation buildup can lead to your oil breaking down. This can also result in poor lubrication for moving components and, again, engine failure, so it’s essential to get your oil filter replaced on a regular basis to prevent this from happening. 

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If you need to get work done on your Ford model in preparation of winter, be sure to give our Sherwood Ford service team a call and schedule an appointment. We’re happy to get you inside for whatever you have to get done!