a road in winter through a vehicle window

What are the best Ford vehicle features and accessories for winter driving?

Ford model features and accessories for driving in cold weather 

What are the best Ford vehicle features and accessories for winter driving? We’ll tell you if you keep reading below. You can find them here at Sherwood Ford, your local dealership near Edmonton in Sherwood Park, AB. 

a winter road with pine trees

Ford Intelligent Backup Power to keep power on in the winter 

You may have had your power go out in the past due to a winter storm. If so, then you know that not only will your house get cold, but your refrigerator will stop running and many other issues can arise. Ford Intelligent Backup Power can power your house for a limited amount of time during a power outage.  

Winter tires for your Ford vehicle 

We know that we talk about this a lot, so we will keep it brief. The best time to switch to winter tires is before it snows, and yes, winter tires do really make a difference. Make sure to check your current winter tires for wear and tear, and get new tires if needed. Trust us, it will make a difference on snow and ice. 

Ford safety features for winter driving 

If you are looking for a new Ford truck, sedan, or SUV for winter driving, pay special attention to its drive system, tires, and safety features. You’ll want a truck with AWD (all-wheel drive) for additional traction, winter tires for the same reason, and advanced driver assistance safety features for more protection in cold weather. 

Ford vehicle accessories to buy for the winter 

Other than winter tires, we also recommend new windshield wipers for winter. Those are car parts though; what about accessories? Well, some models might have available seat heating, steering wheel heating, snowplow packages, truck bed covers, and more. Basically, we have accessories to keep you warm and keep your truck free of snow.