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Is the Ford BlueCruise hands-free highway driving technology a safe system to use?

BlueCruise hands-free highway driving technology for Ford vehicles 

Is the Ford BlueCruise hands-free highway driving technology a safe system to use? As long as you use this technology properly, we believe this technology will enhance your safety, using advanced cameras and radar-sensing technology to monitor your environment. Keep reading below to learn more about BlueCruise hands-free highway driving technology for Ford vehicles. You can find vehicles that can be later equipped with this technology here at Sherwood Ford, located in Sherwood Park, AB. 

What is Ford BlueCruise technology? 

Ford BlueCruise is a hands-free driving technology that steers your vehicle for you, centering your vehicle in its lane and staying at your predetermined speed when possible. Understandably, many people question the safety of such technology, which is why we’ve answered your frequently asked questions about its safety below. Check out the video below for a quick overview and continue reading below to learn more. 

Introducing BlueCruise: Hands-Free Highway Driving | Ford video by Ford Motor Company 

Frequently asked questions about BlueCruise safety 

Can BlueCruise be used anywhere? How was BlueCruise tested for road use? How will updates for BlueCruise be made? These are your questions about BlueCruise driving technology. View our answers below. 

Can BlueCruise be used anywhere? 

No, BlueCruise can’t be used anywhere. For your safety, roads have been prequalified for BlueCruise use. These qualified sections of divided highways are called Hands-Free Blue Zones. There are more than 160,000 km of them in North America. 

How was BlueCruise tested for road use? 

BlueCruise technology was tested with real on-the-road test drives, more than 805,000 km worth of them. It was tested in many traffic patterns, various weather conditions, and across 37 states and 5 Canadian provinces. The safety of this technology was deemed viable only after extensive testing. 

How will updates for BlueCruise be made? 

Of course, all technology needs updating to be kept updated and modern. The updates will be made the same way the initial installation is, with over-the-air downloads. BlueCruise will be made available this way to 2021 Ford F-150 and 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E vehicles that have Ford Co-Pilot 360. 

“Sending these vehicles out for real-world driving experience is just one of many ways we ensured that BlueCruise technology offers confidence and convenience for drivers all across the continent.” 

Hau Thai-Tang Ford chief product platform and operations officer 

“The one thing that became clear is that, when using BlueCruise, long drives aren’t nearly as mentally taxing to me.”

Alexandra Taylor, BlueCruise feature development engineer