Various dashboard lights illuminated inside Ford vehicle

What do the Ford Dashboard Warning Lights Indicate?

Most Common Ford Dashboard Lights and What They Mean

Did you know that your Ford vehicle can talk to you? It might not be with words and voices, but your model is made up of many sensors that can tell you if anything is going awry on board. There are plenty of ways to know when your Ford car is acting up a bit, so much so that it can be hard to pinpoint an actual issue. We’re here to help, so join our Sherwood Ford service team as we show you the most common Ford dashboard lights and what they mean for you – with this, it’ll be much easier to understand what your vehicle is trying to say and remedy any problem that might arise!

Shot of Ford Adaptive Cruise Control Light

Adaptive Cruise Control

When you’ve got your cruise control system on, you’ll see this light come in in white. If it’s fully engaged, it’ll be green.

ABS Light of Ford vehicle

Anti-Lock Braking System

If you see this light come on, your ABS system is no longer functional – you’ll still be able to brake normally, but be sure to get this looked at immediately.

Shot of Ford Auto Start Stop light

Auto Start-Stop

If outfitted with this technology, the Auto Start-Stop light will illuminate when your Ford vehicle is about to shut down at a halt.

Shot of Ford Battery Light


Seeing the battery light come on usually means that something in your electrical system is faulty. In this case, see a certified professional (like us) as soon as you can.

Blind Spot Monitor light inside Ford vehicle

Blind Spot Monitor

If your Blind Spot Monitor has turned off for some reason, you’ll be notified (along with a corresponding display alert) on your dash.

Brake System Light inside Ford vehicle

Brake System

If your vehicle is on and you’ve engaged your parking brake, you’ll see this light appear. If you haven’t engaged the brake, you might be low on fluid level.

Cruise Control Light inside Ford vehicle

Cruise Control

Much like Adaptive Cruise Control, if you have your normal cruise control light on, you’ll see this shining on your dash.

Direction Indicator Light inside Ford Vehicle

Direction Indicator

You’ll see this when you’re signaling a turn or have your hazard lights illuminated. Keep note if it’s blinking faster than normal, however; that could be a sign of a dim bulb.

Door Ajar Light of Ford vehicle

Door Ajar

If one or more of your vehicle’s doors are open, you’ll be notified. This can be especially hazardous when you’re driving, so be sure that all hatches are accounted for.

Ford Electric Park Brake Light

Electric Park Brake

Should your Ford vehicle be outfitted with an electric parking brake, you’ll see this light come on when it has encountered a malfunction.

Engine Coolant Temperature Light inside Ford vehicle

Engine Coolant Temperature

When your engine is running too hot for normal circumstances, this light will notify you. Turn off the engine and let it cool down as soon as possible.

Engine Oil Light inside Ford vehicle

Engine Oil

This light will start flashing if it detects an issue with your oil level or lubrication system. In this case, stop your Ford when it’s safe and come see a professional.

Fasten Safety Belt Light inside Ford vehicle

Fasten Safety Belt

Your Ford vehicle wants to make sure you’re safe – you’ll see this light come on if you haven’t fastened your seat belt yet. Be sure to do so!

Front Airbag Light inside Ford vehicle

Front Airbag

This light should illuminate when you turn your Ford vehicle on, but if it doesn’t, there might be an issue with your airbag system. If that’s the case, you’ll want to get it looked at soon.

Ford Front Fog Lights warning light

Front Fog Lamps

If you need a little bit more visibility and turn on your vehicle’s fog lamps, you’ll be notified about you doing so by this light.

Heads Up Display

This line of red lights will come on your dashboard if you’re operating with Adaptive Cruise Control or Collision Warning System engaged.

High Beam

If you need to see greater distances at night and switch on your vehicle’s high beams, this light will come on your dash to let you know.

Hood Ajar

You probably won’t encounter this too often, but if you haven’t closed your hood all the way and your ignition is on, you’ll see this light appear.

Lane Keeping Aid

Ford models of today have Lane Keep Assist systems to help you stay secure on the highway. Once activated, this light will shine.

Ford Low Fuel Light

Low Fuel Level

If your fuel level is registering under a gallon (or around 4 litres) this light will let you know. In this case, find a gas station and fill back up!

Low Tire Pressure Warning Light in Ford vehicle

Low Tire Pressure Warning

When your Ford vehicle has a Tire Pressure Warning System installed, you’ll see this light start to shine when it detects that your inflation levels are getting to an unsafe level.

Ford Parking Lamps Light

Parking Lamps

If you don’t need the full scope of low-beam headlamps, and only switch on your parking lamps for the drive, this light will let you know.

Powertrain Fault

There may be something wrong with your powertrain or All-Wheel Drive system if you see this light show up on your dashboard.

Ford Service Engine Soon Light

Service Engine Soon

A problem with the emissions or exhaust system of your Ford vehicle will prompt the “Service Engine Soon” or “Check Engine” light to appear.

Stability Control

Usually found more during winter driving, this light will come on to let you know that stability control has been activated.

Ford Stability Control Off Light

Stability Control Off

If you don’t need stability control right now and turn it off, you’ll see this light notifying you that it has been deactivated.

Ford Trunk Ajar Light

Trunk Ajar

If your Ford vehicle is on but your trunk (or rear liftgate) is not closed all the way, this light will come on to let you know.

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