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How to register and insure a purchased vehicle in Alberta

For most automotive customers, there’s no better feeling than driving off the lot in a vehicle that’s all yours. Still, before you get too excited about the prospects of buying a new car, you must first realize the steps involved to make sure that it’s ready for the road in a legal sense. So, today our Sherwood Ford team will be showing you how to register and insure a purchased vehicle in Alberta, as well as some of the requirements for ensuring that everything is ready to go when you head out for the open road.

If you’ve just bought a new Ford model from us, first of all congrats! You’ve made a wise decision; still, we can’t stress enough that you are responsible for getting it properly insured and registered. We’ll take all the needed steps to refer you to an insurance broker and Alberta Motor Registry agent, but from there, it’ll be on you to get everything taken care of.

How to get auto insurance in Alberta

First things first. Once you’ve bought your vehicle, bear in mind that you won’t be able to legally drive it until you have the proper insurance to go along with it – in Alberta your insurance plan must carry a minimum $200,000 third party liability coverage, as well as include accidents benefits coverage. Collision and comprehensive coverage, specified perils, and endorsements are all optional, though definitely recommended if you have some extra cash to spare for premiums and monthly payments related to these.

It’s up to you to decide which auto insurance company you choose to work with, and in most cases  you’ll be able to add your new vehicle to the list of cars that are covered under your plan. If it is your first time purchasing insurance in Alberta, however, be sure to provide some or all of the following when you visit or contact your agency of choice:

  • Bill of sale, lease agreement of your vehicle
  • Driver’s licence for all registered drivers
  • If applicable, drivers training certificates
  • Dates of birth of all drivers
  • Passing vehicle inspection report issued within the last 14 days (only required if your vehicle is 12 years old or older)

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Registering your new Ford vehicle upon purchase in Alberta

So, what do you need to register a vehicle once you’ve insured it? When you visit a Registry Agent, be sure to bring along the following documents:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership (Bill of Sale, New Vehicle Information Sheet)
  • Proof of valid vehicle insurance
  • Personal Identification (e.g. a Drivers Licence)

Knowing all this, all you have to do is apply, pay the registration fee, and receive your certificate – you should be all set! Keep in mind, though, that registration is usually valid in Alberta for a year minimum or two years maximum; always have it in the back of your mind to get your license plates and registration renewed when it comes time to do so.

Alberta Vehicle Registration Certificate

Canada Inter-province auto insurance certificate

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