2018 Ford Escape driving up snowy path at night

What features are included with the Ford Safe and Smart Package?

Safety and driver assistance innovations of the Ford Safe and Smart Package 

Having the privilege of being able to drive carries a lot of responsibility with it, most notably ensuring that you’re doing all you can to make the driving experience safe and secure for not only yourself but the people who share the road with you. When you’re caught up in the hustle of everyday life, this can be a challenge, but not to worry! With some awesome new features on Ford vehicles, it’s easy to keep the road peaceful and serene for all. Come and see some of the top safety and driver assistance innovations of the Ford Safe and Smart Package, as well as the models that host it! 

Isolated view of windshield wipers working on vehicle

Front Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers 

New Ford models are outfitted with rain sensors onboard, which will alert your vehicle’s windshield wipers if there is any precipitation on the horizon. This way, you’ll be prepared when the conditions get wet! 

Isolated shot of vehicle headlight shining

Auto High-Beam Headlamps 

When you’re driving at night, it can be tough to find the right visibility while also respecting the needs of your fellow drivers. Ford Auto High-Beam headlamps can automatically switch between high and low beams, giving you more control over what you can see! 

Ford Blind Spot Information System operation

Blind Spot Information System 

Many Ford vehicles today use radar detection to alert you if there’s a fellow motorist in your blind spot, using an indicator light in the appropriate side mirror. Plus, this technology also includes Cross-Traffic Alert, which uses the same radar to detect oncoming traffic if you’re trying to back out of a parking space. 

2018 Ford Escape driving down wet road on overcast day

Lane-Keeping System 

Your Ford vehicle is more adept than you might think at keeping you stabilized. It uses both a Lane-Keeping Alert (which will vibrate your steering wheel if you’re starting to drift out of your lane) and Lane-Keeping Aid (which applies directional steering torque to keep you centered). Both of these features ensure that you’ll be safe in the middle of the pavement!

Stylized view of 2018 Ford Edge using Radar Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control 

Cruise Control systems have gotten much smarter in recent years; Adaptive Cruise Control, for example, allows you to set your desired speed and distance from the vehicles in front of you. Also, Forward Collision Warning and Brake Support are both included, which can alert (and in some cases, apply the brakes) you in the event of a potential collision! 

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Test drive a Ford Escape or Explorer in Edmonton AB 

The Ford Safe and Smart Package is currently available on both the Ford Escape and Explorer vehicles, and if you’d like more information, we always encourage you to contact our Sherwood Ford sales team.  We’re always happy to show you all that we know about Ford’s innovative and intelligent new models!