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It’s Always Cool to Drive a Ford!

Sherwood Ford “Why It’s Cool to Drive A Ford” Videos

Ford’s appeal in the Canadian market is both legendary and unmistakable – with some of the best tech innovations in the business, as well as stunning power in many of its vehicles, getting behind the wheel of a Ford model is always a treat. Over the last few months, our Sherwood Ford team has put together some videos showing you just why it’s cool to drive a Ford – join us below as we take you through some of the best new features that Ford models offer!

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Power Liftgate Height Adjustment

There’s nothing more annoying than having your rear liftgate hit too high and come in contact with a low ceiling – with a Ford vehicle, you can adjust its ending height easily! Simply lower it to your desired height and press the displayed button for three seconds to lock it into place. Now, every time you open your rear door, it’ll only raise to the height that you want!

FordPass Remote Start

Key fobs are no doubt great innovations, but it can be annoying when they can’t start your model if they’re out of range on a cold or hot day. With FordPass, you can turn your Ford on from anywhere, and even schedule a time for it to start so it will be ready and waiting for you. What could be cooler than that?

Apple CarPlay Integration

We all learned in driver’s ed that looking at your phone on the road is a big no-no, which is why Apple CarPlay is such an awesome new feature. By connecting your iPhone to a USB cable, you’ll have full access to all compatible apps that you’ve installed. This means that you can listen to podcasts, navigate around town, or make a call from your Ford’s touchscreen!

Enhanced Active Park Assist

Whether it’s parallel or perpendicular, parking can be quite the hassle in a crowded lot or on Edmonton’s busy streets. That’s why Ford’s Enhanced Active Park Assist feature is so cool – using ultrasonic sensors, your Ford model can automatically steer you into your desired parking spot. All you have to do is control the gas pedal and gears!

Remote Start Heated Seat Activation

We’re well-accustomed to cold weather here in Edmonton, which explains why we love Ford’s Remote Start Heated Seat Activation feature so much. Using the five-way directional pad on your steering wheel, you can program the Ford Remote Start feature to toggle heated seats on as soon as you fire up the engine!

V8 Engine Upgrades

Looking to give your Ford model that added boost? With our Sherwood Ford Performance team, it’s easy! We offer cold air intake valves, an exhaust resonator delete, and performance tuning for your V8 engine, more than enough to provide some extra punch and adrenaline when you press the gas. See us today to upgrade your Ford’s V8 motor!

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Test drive a new Ford vehicle at Sherwood Ford in Edmonton AB

We have a healthy selection of new Ford models here in our Sherwood Ford inventory, so be sure to contact our sales team if we can help you find your next favourite car. As you ride on with a smile, remember – that’s why it’s cool to drive a Ford!