2018 Ford Taurus Parked Next to Flight of Stairs

Technological Features of the 2018 Ford Taurus

Ford vehicles have always been at the forefront of automotive technology, and thanks to many innovative advancements, the 2018 Taurus is no different.

The Ford Taurus has always been one of our favourite vehicles here at Sherwood Ford, and when you take a look at all the standard and available technologies the Taurus boasts, it’s easy to see why. The engineers at Ford know that when looking at your next vehicle, you want one with the technology that is going to make driving safer, easier, and more convenient. That’s why the 2018 Taurus has been outfitted with many different technological advancements to meet any and all of your driving needs.

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Adaptive Cruise Control


Take the available Adaptive Cruise Control system for example. Sensors located at the front of the vehicle are capable of keeping an eye on the distance between your Taurus and the car ahead of you while you’re cruising down the highway. When these sensors detect that the car in front is beginning to slow down, it will automatically slow your engine speed in order to keep you at a safe distance away until the vehicle ahead of you speeds up, or traffic clears.




On the inside, the SYNC 3 system keeps you connected to the outside world while you’re driving to work, to school, or out to the lake. Compatible with both Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, SYNC 3 provides all of your favourite apps, music, contacts, navigation, and more right into the centre console. The SYNC 3 system is voice-activated which means you’ll be able to make a call, get directions, change the music, and much more without ever taking your hands off of the steering wheel!


Command Centre Inside the 2018 Ford Taurus
2018 Ford Taurus Driving with Lane-Keeping Assist Technology


Lane-Keeping System


Also available on the 2018 Taurus is the Lane-Keeping System. Much like the Adaptive Cruise Control, this system uses a sensor located at the front of your Taurus to monitor the road around your vehicle. Instead of looking the distance between you and the car ahead of you, however, this system reads the markings on the road to get an understanding of your position within your lane. When the system detects that you’re beginning to unintentionally veer out of your lane, it will automatically send you alerts, and can even help guide you back to the correct position.


While there are many more incredible technological features both standard and available on the 2018 Ford Taurus, we’ll end our list here. Besides, the best way to learn about these features is to check them out for yourself! Come on over to our dealership here in Sherwood Park to take a look at our amazing inventory of Ford vehicles, such as the Taurus. While you’re here, feel free to grab the keys and take one out for a test drive!

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