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What are the best hiking trails in Strathcona County?

Hiking trails and dog off-leash areas in Strathcona County 

What are the best hiking trails in Strathcona County? Strathcona County, where our dealership is located near Edmonton, AB, is full of great hiking trails. Below, we’ve highlighted three of our favorite hiking trails along with some dog off-leash areas and commonly asked questions. Keep reading to learn more about outdoor recreation in Strathcona County. 

Three best hiking trails in Strathcona County, AB 

Strathcona Riverside Nature Trail 

Strathcona County Riverside Nature Trail has a total distance of 5.5 km. It is a nature trail for walking and hiking, and dogs are also allowed. No ATVs are allowed on this trail. You can access it at either trailhead, located at Township Road 540 and Range Road 232, or at Township Road 540.  

Strathcona County Regional Trail 

This is part of the regional trail system. It offers up to 22 km of walking trail for hikers. Parts of the trail are gravel, while other parts are pavement or other materials, so plan to be on a variety of surfaces. Like the Strathcona Riverside Natural Trail, much of this trail follows a river for scenic views. 

Wagon and Owl Loop Trail 

The Wagon and Owl Loop Tail is the shortest of our three featured trails, just short of 5 km of trail. It is also a looping trail with 213 feet of elevation. Overall, it is a good trail for all skill levels, walking or running.  

Dog off-leash areas in Strathcona County, AB 

Strathcona county has plenty of convenient dog off-leash areas for dog owners. These areas are not always fenced in, so if your dog is a runner, make sure to choose one that is. We encourage you to look up more information about these parks before paying a visit:  

  • Deermound Off-Leash Park: not fenced in 
  • Deermound Off-Leash Park small dog area: fenced in 
  • Ardrossan Regional Park Off-Leash area: fenced in 
  • Sally Stewart Park Off-Leash area: fenced in 
  • Heritage Hills Off-Leash area: fenced in 

Frequently asked questions about outdoor recreation in Strathcona County 

Here we have our FAQ about outdoor recreation in Strathcona County. We are not authorities on trail etiquette, but we’ve done our best to answer your questions. Check out for more information.  

Where can I let my dog off-leash? Where is my dog not allowed to be? 

You can let your dog off-leash in designated dog off-leash areas, some of which we have listed above. You can bring your dog to almost any outdoor area with a leash, but dogs are banned from a few areas. Do not bring your dog, with or without a leash, to a playground, tennis court, garden, or sports field and you should be fine.  

Can I fly my drone anywhere in Strathcona County? 

First of all, you must have your drone registered and get the necessary certification for flying a drone. Drones should be kept in your line of sight at all times, below 400 feet in the air, and away from bystanders, emergency operations, controlled airspace, and other aircraft. There are steep fines for flying without certification, unregistered, or where you are not allowed.