2017 Ford Escape safety technologies

2017 Ford Escape safety technologies

Since vehicle technology is constantly changing and developing, most new models offer a wide array of high-tech safety features and other technologies designed to enhance the driving experience. Safety technologies in the 2017 Ford Escape include adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping system, enhanced park assist, and blind spot information system with cross-traffic alert.

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2017 Ford Escape adaptive cruise control
2017 Ford Escape lane-keeping system
2017 Ford Escape enhanced active park assist
2017 Ford Escape blind spot information system

1. Adaptive cruise control

With adaptive cruise control, you can set a desired speed and space between your Escape and the vehicle ahead. If radar senses traffic slowing down ahead, your vehicle slows down to maintain the set distance. When traffic clears, your Escape returns to its preset speed.

2. Lane-keeping system

The Escape’s lane-keeping system alerts you to unintentional drifting into another lane. The steering wheel gently vibrates to let you know you’re drifting too close to the lane marker, and the system provides directional steering torque to help you guide your Escape back to the centre of the lane.

3. Enhanced active park assist

Enhanced active park assist utilizes side parking sensors to assist you while perpendicular or parallel parking. When you are driving slowly near parking spots, you can activate the feature, which will then search for available spaces. Ultrasonic sensors measure the available parking spaces until it finds a good spot. You can then stop your Escape and accept the parking assistance. The feature will guide you into the spot while you control shifting, accelerating, and braking.

4. Blind spot information system with cross-traffic alert

Using radar, the blind spot information system is able to detect other vehicles in your blind spot. It alerts you with an indicator light on the outside mirror. Cross-traffic alert also utilizes radar to detect traffic behind you as you back out of your parking spot or driveway. If it senses cross-traffic, the system will provide both visual and audible alerts.

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