steering wheel of a 2020 Ford Edge

2020 Ford Edge Interior Design

What does the inside of the 2020 Ford Edge look like? 

What do you want more in a vehicle: functionality or style? Sometimes, you find a beautiful vehicle that can hardly fit your suitcase; other times, the most spacious vehicle looks like a box. With the 2020 Ford Edge, you get both functionality and style. Its large size and convenient storage keep everything in place while its stylish interior will be easy on the eye. Keep reading to learn more about the 2020 Ford Edge interior design. 

Top three interior features of the 2020 Ford Edge 

2020 Ford Edge – seating 

The seating in a vehicle is the largest interior feature. Most of the cabin is taken up by it, so you don’t want it to be an eyesore. Plus, it needs to be flexible to fit your mood. The seating in the 2020 Ford Edge includes available power-folding rear seats that give you the ability to use your cargo space how you want.  

As for how they look, you can be the judge of that by coming in for a test drive at Sherwood Ford, located near Edmonton, AB. The tri-diamond perforated leather seating surfaces compliment the hexagonal carbon-fiber dashboard of the 2020 Ford Edge. You’ll see how it all fits together with precision. 

2020 Ford Edge – moonroof 

The available twin-panel moonroof will be the largest moonroof you’ve ever seen. It stretches over the first and second rows of seating, offering great views, sunshine, and fresh air. A moonroof is just like a sunroof except that it offers a tinted panel of glass that can be opened and closed at your discretion. 

2020 Ford Edge – touchscreen entertainment systems 

The 2020 Ford Edge offers an available 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen located to the right of the steering wheel. This touchscreen offers a unique portrait shape that mimics a tablet or smartphone, making it familiar and easy to use. Plus, the portrait style is attractive and stands apart from most landscape style touchscreens in vehicles.