Ford Child Safety Seat

Best 2018 Ford Vehicles for Child Car Seats

When thinking about your next family vehicle there are definitely some things to consider. While safety is a big concern, if you’re in a stage where your children are in car seats, choosing a Ford vehicle that fits your car seat requirements is just one of the deciding factors. 

Car Seat Questions

Best 2018 Ford Vehicles for Child Car Seats

What are some things to consider in terms of car seats when choosing your next Ford for your family? We’ve got a few suggestions to put on your list:

• Do you have enough car seat anchors and tethers for your car seats?
• Is there enough room for all of the car seats themselves?
• Is there enough leg room not only in the back seat but for the driver and front passenger seat with the car seats installed?

It’s also important to know that while many vehicles may accommodate a certain amount of car seats side by side, you will also need to take into consideration the size of your car seats. Different car seat brands have different requirements for them to be considered installed properly.

In some cases looking at skinnier car seat options such as a Diono or Clek Foonf might be something that you may need to consider especially if you are trying to fit 3 car seats side by side.

Best 2018 Ford Vehicles for Child Car Seats

At Sherwood Ford we know that when choosing a vehicle to fit your family, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation, and we have several options for you.

Family Children Portrait

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion Ruby Red

As a midsize car the 2018 Ford Fusion is aesthetically appealing, available in both Gas and Hybrid models, and also has a good overall safety rating. The vehicle features three anchors and two lower tether systems making it a great option for a family looking to have up to three forward facing car seats at once.

Ford Edge

Ford Edge

One of the great things about the Ford Edge is that it has a huge amount of cargo space, which is just what’s needed when you have kids. The Ford Edge also features three anchors and two lower tether systems in the second row and has a good amount of leg room in the back.

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer Sherwood Ford

The Ford Explorer is a mid-size SUV which can seat up to seven people. The second row is a 40/60 split with two full car seat anchor and tethers as well as a third row which is a 50/50 split with one full anchor with a tether as well allowing up to 3 car seats to be installed for forward facing car seats.

Ford Expedition

Seven-passenger 2018 Ford Expedition

As a full-size SUV, the Ford Expedition is available with seven or eight seats with all of the seats in the second and third row equipped with anchors and lower tethers. The third row is also the largest for any SUV’s on the market and with the car seat safe tilt available for the second row, getting in and out of the third row is easy.

Ford F-150

Ford F-150

As one of the most popular trucks on the market, the Ford F-150 features a roomy, modern cabin and top safety ratings. This makes it a great option for families who are looking for a vehicle that can accommodate up to two car seats.

Child Tether LATCH System Help Guide

This helpful video will explain how to attach and adjust a child seat to the child tether LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system in your vehicle with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

If you have any questions about any one of the family friendly vehicles that we have shown above, please give us a call or schedule a test drive to see for yourself how these vehicles can fit your family’s needs.