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Easy Steps to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

Warmer temperatures signal that time of year following a cold Alberta winter to get your car ready for spring. With winter mostly behind us, there are a few easy steps you’ll want to keep in mind. Take care of these easy preventative maintenance items now and your vehicle won’t ding you for costly repairs down the road.

Easy Steps to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

Getting your vehicle prepared for spring in Alberta means taking care of a few important checklist items so you won’t be left stranded on that next trip or be left on the hook for a heft service bill at a repair shop.

CHECK your wheel alignment

Drivers know all too well what it’s like for their wheels to be hit hard by potholes following a harsh winter.  These nasty road hazards have a way of finding you causing tires to wear unevenly.  Be sure to have the tire evaluated for condition and wear. A wheel alignment will help reduce vibration, road noise and extend the life of your valuable tires!

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SWAP out your winter tires

If you’re winter boots are already mounted on separate rims from your summer shoes, this is a quick and easy project you may even want to tackle yourself. When temperatures are above 7 Celsius, it’s time to switch.

Seasonal tire storage is easy at Sherwood Ford’s service centre. Be sure before mounting the seasonal swap to have the tires balanced to ensure a smooth ride. Lastly, check the tire pressure.

INSPECT the brakes and pads

Road salt and other harsh contaminants take their toll on critical components of the brake system. Properly cleaned and lubricated brake parts can help prevent premature brake pad wear and keep you safe on the road.

It’s also the perfect time to inspect the brakes, lines and hoses when your car is on the hoist for the seasonal swap tire rotation.

CHANGE your oil

Alberta’s harsh and extreme cold temperatures take their toll on the life of engine oil, reducing the protection this fluid gives like life blood.  Check the oil dipstick to ensure it’s not running low. If needed head over to Sherwood Ford’s Rapid Service for a quick oil and filter change. 

While the oil is being changed, have fluids like power steering, brake, transmission and engine coolant inspected. If you wait the damage may be too late.

CHECK your suspension

Shock, struts and other suspension components are exposed to the extremes of winter driving.  Get these checked for any possible signs of leaks and damage: steering, steering linkages and ball joints are components of your car you want to always ensure are road worthy!

REPLACE your wiper blades

Winter is hard on wiper blades.  If you’re starting to see them leave streaks on your windshield, it’s a good indicator that it’s time to replace them. It’s an easy do-it-yourself maintenance item. 

A Sherwood Ford service technician can replace them for you too.  It’s a small investment worth every penny to stay safe on the road with an unobstructed view.

CLEAN your car inside, out and top to bottom

Months of muck and wet boots play havoc with your cars interior and paint. Start spring off fresh with an interior and exterior detail to remove residue and stop those unpleasant odours in their tracks. Grab a paint pen and give those rock chips a touchup to prevent premature body rust. Remember to empty out the trunk of winter emergency gear and brushes you won’t need any longer.

As you can see, there’s plenty to take stock of.  Don’t let the months of snow, ice, sleet, road salt and hazards eat away at your car. With just a little care and attention through a multi-point inspection you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’ve done all you can to get your car ready for spring.