Apple CarPlay interface inside Ford Mustang

App Integration for smartphone users is standard in new Ford models!

Ford vehicles with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in Edmonton AB

Edmontonians are a hard-working, friendly breed of people, always able to go the extra mile for every job with a smile on their faces. It makes sense, then, that you’d need a vehicle that’s able to keep up with this connected lifestyle. Recent model years from 2014 onward have seen new tech innovations like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enter the picture. These app integration systems are some of the coolest on the market, and we want to dive into their features and functions today. So, join Sherwood Ford as we take you through all the Ford vehicles with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in Edmonton AB!

Features and Functions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have been developed with the ultimate goal of keeping you connected, controlled and safe on the road. By pairing your compatible iPhone or Android phone to their respective interfaces, you can access maps, hands-free calling and texting, media playing and more from your Ford model’s SYNC infotainment screen. This way, your vehicle turns into an extension of your phone’s apps, eliminating the need to look down at it whenever you need to accomplish something.

Finger operating Android Auto inside Ford vehicle

Ford models with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for the 2018 model year

The good news is that most new Ford vehicles bring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as either standard or available features. However, some of them may only offer one or the other, so we’ve taken the liberty of compiling all new Ford models into the chart below. Check out which ones offer what you need!

Ford Model (MY 2018) Apple CarPlay? Android Auto?
Edge X X
Escape X X
Expedition X X
Explorer X X
F-150 X X
Fiesta X X
Flex X X
Focus X X
Fusion X X
Taurus X
Transit / Transit Connect X
Mustang X X
Super Duty X
EcoSport X X

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Test drive a connected Ford vehicle at Sherwood Ford in Edmonton AB

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto represent two of the most incredible innovations that have been developed for vehicles across the automotive market. We have a huge selection of compatible Ford vehicles right here at Sherwood Ford, whether you’re looking for a sedan, SUV or pickup. Be sure to contact us today to find your new favourite car and schedule a test drive!