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How does Blind Spot Information System with Trailer Coverage work?

2019 Ford Ranger BLIS with Trailer Coverage function and operation

Besides the upgraded body styling, drivetrain performance and innovation that the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger will bring to the table, one of its features is one of the most advanced in the market, and it’s sure to make your towing experiences that much easier. It’s set to feature a Blind Spot Information with Trailer Coverage, which will add a measure of simplicity and security when you’re backing into those tight spots. Today, our Sherwood Ford team will take you through this technology and how it works! 

How Radar Coverage makes towing easier with the 2019 Ford Ranger

BLIS with Trailer Coverage is one of the coolest truck innovations we’ve ever seen, and it works by using radar systems that are housed in your Ranger model’s taillights. These sensors can monitor your blind spots to the back of your trailer, and in turn, warn you when another vehicle is entering the area.

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Also, the 2019 Ranger can store as many as three trailer profiles in its database, which you can toggle between depending on what you’re hauling. This technology will be standard on the Ranger pickup’s XLT and Lariat trims once it’s released, and we’ve included an informative video below.

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The aforementioned trailering technology will be a first for the midsize pickup market, which will become widespread once the 2019 Ranger is released early next year. If you have any further questions on the pickup, our Sherwood Ford team is always happy to help. Be sure to come to us with anything you’d like to know or to reserve your spot in line to take the Ranger off the lot!

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