How does AdvancTrac Stability Control Work

Maintain Control of Your Ford with AdvancTrac ESC

How does the Ford AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control work?

Ford is one of the most trusted automotive brands and it’s not hard to see why. In addition to the sleek styles of their lineup and high-quality materials, the brand also utilizes advanced technology to enhance safety on the road. Ford’s AdvancTrac Electronic Stability Control is one of these systems; using sensors and selective engineering to improve traction and stability while driving.

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What the AdvancTrac system does is use sensors to detect loss of traction or grip on the road. The sensors monitor steering angle, acceleration and a number of other factors to determine the severity of traction loss. Then the AdvancTrac system applied selective braking to necessary wheels to regain complete control.

What is the difference between regular Electronic Stability Control and the AdvancTrac system?

On most modern vehicles, there is some form of an Electronic Stability Control system. These differ from Ford’s AdvancTrac ESC technology due to Ford’s use of multiple systems to maintain control. While ESC only works to prevent sliding and skidding, the AdvancTrac system employs a traction control system as well as Ford’s ESC system to prevent wheels from spinning, sliding, skidding and losing grip.

Turning Ford AdvancTrac ESC On and Off

Whenever you start your vehicle, the Ford AdvancTrac system is automatically turned on. It will remain on and activate when necessary unless manually shut off. There are only a few situations where you might want to turn off the AdvancTrac system. If your vehicle is stuck in the snow or mud, turning off the system will allow the wheels to keep spinning and apply full engine power to the wheels.

To turn off the AdvancTrac system, just press the button on the instrument panel or select off in your vehicle’s information menu.

How to turn off electronic stability control
Ford AdvancTrac ESC

When turning off the AdvancTrac system make sure to look for the traction control off icon on your dashboard. If the light has OFF underneath, the AdvancTrac ESC system is off. If the light is flashing that means the system is engaged and if it’s solid, there may be an issue with the system and you should schedule an appointment for service.

What is the 3-Mode AdvancTrac Electronic Stability Control?

In addition to its normal AdvancTrac system, Ford also offers an adjustable system for its Focus RS and Fiesta ST models. It uses the same sensors and performs the same functions as the normal AdvancTrac system but features an additional Sport mode to allow for a more dynamic drive.

Pressing Sport mode gives drivers more tire spin and engine control to really explore the ST and RS performance features.

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