2021 Ford F-150 front view

How does the Onboard Scale feature of the Ford F-150 work?

2021 Ford F-150 available Onboard Scale feature 

How does the Onboard Scale feature of the Ford F-150 work? Below, you can learn all about the 2021 Ford F-150 available Onboard Scale feature with us. Visit our team here at Sherwood Ford to find your next 2021 Ford F-150 truck in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area. 

What is the 2021 Ford F-150 Onboard Scale? 

The 2021 Ford F-150 Onboard Scale is a new feature that helps with weighing your luggage for hauling. As you know, trucks have an upper limit to how much weight they should haul. Measuring the weight of your gear before a trip is important for that reason. Thankfully, you can now do so by loading stuff into the bed of your pickup truck and using the Onboard Scales to measure and provide an approximate weight of the payload in your truck. 

2021 Ford F-150 with a trailer

When will the Onboard Scale be available for the 2021 Ford F-150? 

The Onboard Scale feature will be available for ordering starting in early June, which gives us less than a month to wait. Once you have ordered your 2021 Ford F-150 truck with Onboard Scale, you will have to wait a bit longer for its delivery. The 2021 Ford F-150 models equipped with this feature are set to be delivered starting in late summer, with no specific date set. 

“This summer we’re delivering three new features all about enhancing the F-150 customer experience while delivering even greater confidence when towing and hauling.”

Todd Eckert, Ford truck group marketing manager 

What other new features are available for the 2021 Ford F-150? 

As you can see in the quote from Todd Eckert, Ford is delivering three new features for the 2021 Ford F-150. Along with the Onboard Scales, the two other new features are the Smart Hitch and the Continuously Controlled Damping suspension. All of these will come available at the same time.