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How to properly store your Ford vehicle for winter

Our Sherwood Ford team is very excited to welcome the fall season fast approaching winter; you can’t beat the falling leaves, sights and sounds of a cool pumpkin patch, or the festivities of Halloween. But autumn’s arrival means that winter is right around the corner, and with it comes dropping temperatures, snowfall, and harsh road conditions for any model. 

Winter is a fun time to be sure, but if you have a vehicle that you won’t be taking out for the season, you’ll need to make sure that it’s ready to roll once the weather warms back up. So, we want to help. Come with Sherwood Ford as we show you some helpful tips on how to properly store your Ford vehicle for winter!

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Protect Fuel and Oil

Did you know that gasoline is only good for about 30 days from the time you fill up your tank? After that, if not properly treated it’ll start to diminish in performance, so to avoid this happening you’ll want to add some fuel stabilizer to your tank before storage to prevent condensation. Likewise for oil; if you’re planning to keep your vehicle tucked away once it gets cold, not a bad idea to get your oil changed beforehand!

Man checking vehicle battery inside mechanic shop

Replace or Charge Battery

Winter living is a months-long process in Alberta, and frigid temperatures combined with low usage can expedite a car battery’s drainage or even crack the casing.  Check out this video on helpful battery care and maintenance tips.  When putting a vehicle into storage, you could leave the battery connected, disconnect it, or install battery tenders so it’s ready to go in the spring.  Another option is remove the battery and bring it indoors.

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Isolated view of vehicle exhaust pipe

Close Off Exhaust/Intake Valves

It may seem trivial, but if a car is left parked for too long outdoors or even in your garage, unwelcome guests (namely rodents) may take up residence in your exhaust or intake components. Make sure you close them off with a material that can’t be chewed through before leaving your car stored or you may have some unhappy renters once it’s time to uncover it. Speaking of rodents, some repellant or traps does wonders to keep the pesky critters away from your vehicle.

Car Cover Ford Mustang

Clean and Cover Your Car

Speaking of which, if you’re leaving your car in the garage all winter, make sure you get it cleaned or invest in some covering materials. Over time, dust and other acidic compounds can collect on your car, which can wear down its cosmetics quite a bit or even damage exposed metals. So, give that ‘Stang a nice wax before it goes into hibernation and cover it!  Need a cover? Order one from the Sherwood Ford  parts department.

Young man propping vehicle up with jack

Jack your Car Up and Chock Wheels

This is especially important if you have a Ford model with a stick-shift; we all know that parking brakes are prone to go out sooner or later, and if your car is in neutral, it runs the risk of rolling away, which is never good. You may want to prop up your car on some blocks with a jack, or chock the wheels to prevent the vehicle from possibly rolling.

Young professional checking tire pressure

Replace or Inflate Tires

Much like its battery, a car’s tires can deflate or otherwise lose effectiveness when they’ve been sitting for too long in extreme cold temperatures. If your tires are at the end of their lifespan, you may want to swap them out for a fresh set if needed. Before putting it away for the season you may want to also add a little extra air– you’ll be glad you did once it’s time to wake it up!

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