a happy woman holding a car key FOB

How to replace the batteries in your Ford vehicle’s key FOB

Text and video guide to replacing the batteries in your remote-control transmitter 

Just like any battery-operated device, your Ford vehicle’s key FOB may occasionally need its batteries replaced. This does not happen often, and you might even use the same batteries for the entire ownership of your vehicle. If, however, you find that your key FOB, also known as a remote-control transmitter, no longer works or seems to be dying, then we recommend replacing the batteries as a first solution. Keep reading below to learn how you can do this yourself at home or skip ahead and follow along with our video guide for a visual. 

Steps to replacing your Ford vehicle’s key FOB’s batteries 

How do you know when to replace your key FOB’s batteries? Look for a message on your vehicle’s instrument cluster or display screen telling you that the battery is low. At that point, it is time to follow this quick guide to replacing the batteries. 

  1. Release the key blade. For some models, you will need to manually pull the blade out. Others will have a release button. 
  2. Use a flat screwdriver to pry open the key FOB. You do this by inserting the end of the screwdriver into the side of the key, where the key blade normally rests. Carefully remove the cover, which exposes the battery. In models where you pull the blade out, you’ll need to use a small coin instead and wedge it into the gap where the key was located. Twisting it will pop the cover off. 
  3. Use the screwdriver to pry out the battery. The battery can be tricky to get out as it is flat and smooth. Using the screwdriver as a pry bar should work on either key FOB model.  
  4. Insert a new battery. Put it in the same position that the previous battery was in, with the plus side up. Having the battery upside down will make the key FOB not work.  

Ford How-To: Replacing the Remote-Control Transmitter Battery video by Sherwood Ford