2024 Ford F-150 side view on a winter road

Is the 2024 Ford F-150 a good truck for winter driving?

2024 Ford F-150 cold weather features 

Extreme weather can put a damper on driving, but a well-equipped truck can still get you where you need to go. We believe the 2024 Ford F-150 is a good truck for winter driving, and we’ll show you the evidence. Keep reading with Sherwood Ford of Sherwood Park, AB, to learn about the 2024 Ford F-150 cold weather features. 

List of the six best truck features for winter 

The 2024 Ford F-150 is packed with winter-weather driving features for safer and more comfortable driving in cold weather. These include a plethora of driver-assist features and heated elements. We’ve narrowed down the list to our top six winter weather features: 

  • Selectable drive modes 
  • Dual power glass folding heated mirrors 
  • Heated driver and passenger seats 
  • Heated steering wheel 
  • Heated rear seats 
  • Pro Power Onboard 
2024 Ford F-150 front view on a road

2024 Ford F-150 selectable drive modes for snow 

These drive modes are designed to optimize the vehicle’s performance in different road and weather conditions. In snow mode, the vehicle’s systems are adjusted to provide better traction and stability on snowy or slippery surfaces. 

Snow mode typically adjusts throttle response, transmission shift points, and traction control to offer better control and stability when driving on snow-covered roads. This feature can be particularly beneficial in winter conditions where maintaining traction is crucial. 

2024 Ford F-150 heated interior and exterior features 

2024 Ford F-150 with a man opening the rear door
  • Heated seats (driver, passenger, rear): These features provide comfort during cold weather by warming the seats. This enhances driver and passenger comfort during chilly winter drives. 
  • Heated steering wheel: A heated steering wheel can be especially useful in winter, as it keeps the driver’s hands warm, making it more comfortable and safer to drive. Cold hands can reduce dexterity and responsiveness, so a heated steering wheel is a valuable feature in cold climates. 
  • Heated exterior side mirrors: Heated mirrors help prevent the accumulation of ice and snow, providing clear visibility. This is crucial for safe driving, as it allows the driver to see surrounding traffic and obstacles. 

2024 Ford F-150 Pro Power Onboard 

Pro Power Onboard is a feature that turns the Ford F-150 into a mobile power generator. This can be extremely useful in winter emergencies or when camping in cold conditions. You can use the onboard power outlets to run electric tools, charge devices, or even power additional heating equipment. In winter, the ability to generate power on-site can be a valuable asset, especially if you find yourself in a situation where access to electricity is limited.