What is the Ford Bronco R?

New features and styling of the Ford Bronco R  

With its highly-anticipated arrival coming in the next couple years, the Ford Bronco is primed to return to Canada with all the adrenaline, bold style, and dripping confidence that made it so iconic from the 60s through the 90s. We’ve just gotten some new information about the Bronco’s off-road track trim, and we have to say, it’s pretty exceptional. Check out the new features and styling of the Ford Bronco R with Sherwood Ford today!  

Exterior features and design of the Ford Bronco R Prototype 

Deep in the Mojave Desert was where we got our first look at the Bronco R prototype, almost 50 years to the day that Rod Hall rode the Bronco to a Baja 1000 race win; something a 4×4 model hasn’t done since. It offers a clamshell hood and roof, complete with composite materials that have left it lighter than ever – still, with its ultra-wide stance and cut-roof design, this is unmistakably a Bronco.

On the outside, the Bronco R has nothing but raw testosterone in its appearance. It offers a 15-LED lightbar, BRONCO lettering inscribed, and washers that connect the Bronco’s strong body to its stronger roll cage. It truly does inspire confidence anywhere you turn, and inside, all the controls you need are right at your fingertips. Simple gears and dials are reminiscent of the first-gen Bronco, and Recaro racing seats give you unprecedented comfort as you take on life ahead.  

Front view of Ford Bronco R driving through sand

Rear view of Ford Bronco R driving in Mojave Desert

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We’re getting closer and closer to Bronco season, and with each passing week it seems like more information is coming out about this stunner. So, stay tuned to our Sherwood Ford blog for all updates as they come – we’re just as excited as you are to see this legendary SUV return to the Canadian automotive world!