a robot arm charging a Ford car

Robot charging stations offer an easier way to charge a Ford EV

What are robot charging stations and how do they help? 

If you think that robot charging stations sound like something from the future, well, the future is here. Ford researchers are designing a robot charging station that could automatically fill up your vehicle. Keep reading below to learn how it works. We have Ford EVs here at Sherwood Ford in Sherwood Park, AB. 

Ford Tests Robot Charger Designed to Give Disabled Drivers a Helping Hand video 

You’ll see in the video below that one of the main advantages of a robot charger is that it provides easier charging for people with limited mobility. In the future, it could be placed at handicapped parking spots or in garages with automated parking. It’s just one way that life will be easier. 

How does the Ford robot charging station work? 

The robot charging station would be operated via smartphone. This allows drivers to stay in their car as the robot charger does the work. Not only is this great for disabled drivers, but it allows everyone to stay out of inclement weather and stay comfortable. 

What are the benefits of an automated charging process? 

The benefits of an automated charging process are that anyone can use it and it can save drivers time and effort. When autonomous valet parking becomes widespread in the future, autonomous charging would be the ideal partner in that scenario, so you don’t have to park or charge your car manually.  

Quotes about Ford robot charging solutions 

“Ford is committed to ensuring freedom of movement and right now refueling or charging your vehicle can be a major problem for some drivers. The robot charging station could be an added convenience for some people but – absolutely essential for others.”

-Birger Fricke, research engineer at Ford of Europe 

“I stopped filling up my car myself years ago because it became very strenuous. My husband does it for me. The introduction of a robot charging station would offer me a much greater level of independence.”

-Angela Aben, employee communications at Ford of Europe