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How does a Ford hands-free liftgate work?

Ford hands-free liftgate video and information 

How does a Ford hands-free liftgate work? Well, it opens automatically, as you can see in the video below. Watch the video or read below to learn more about this available feature. You can find models with hands-free liftgates here at Sherwood Ford in Sherwood Park, AB. 

Ford Hands-Free Foot-Activated Liftgate | Ford How-To | Ford video 

If you aren’t familiar with what a hands-free liftgate is, then this video is the place to start. It provides a quick and simple perspective on what the hands-free liftgate is and how it works. The visual aspect helps you picture how you could use this feature in your life. 

Steps to using the Ford hands-free liftgate 

Not every Ford vehicle comes with a hands-free liftgate, but if you’ve got the right model and trim level, you’ll love this convenient feature. It allows you to access the rear cargo space without pressing any buttons or pulling any levers. Here are the simple steps to using the Ford hands-free liftgate. 

  1. Stand behind your vehicle with the key in range. 
  2. Kick your foot forward and back under the middle of your car’s rear bumper. 
  3. Step back to give the liftgate space to open. 
  4. When you are done accessing the rear cargo space, you can close the liftgate by repeating steps one through three.  
  5. Another option for closing the liftgate is to press the button located on the bottom edge of the liftgate. When the liftgate is open, this button will be overhead.  
  6. If you don’t want to use the hands-free liftgate, you can use the button on your key FOB, the button to the left of the steering wheel, or the button located in the liftgate handle to access the rear cargo space. 

What are the benefits of a Ford model with a hands-free liftgate? 

By now, you may have thought of some of the ways in which a hands-free liftgate can come in handy. If you carry a purse or backpack, there’s the simple convenience of not having to dig through it to find your keys. Then, there’s the convenience of not having to set things on the ground when your hands are full. Finally, for people with a limited range of motion, the liftgate means they don’t have to bend down or reach overhead.