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What are the best types of custom wheels I should buy?

Custom wheel options for Ford vehicles near Edmonton, AB 

What are the best types of custom wheels that you can buy? The best custom wheels are the ones that express your style. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you choose high-quality wheels, which is why we will discuss the details of your custom wheel options for Ford vehicles near Edmonton, AB. Keep reading to learn more about how to decide on custom wheels. 

What are the different materials used on aftermarket wheels? 

The material of your custom wheels will determine its weight, the ease of repairs, the cost, and even how your wheels hold up at different temperatures. Of course, the different metal types also change the way the wheels look, and everyone has their preferences on the aesthetics of wheel materials. In general, aftermarket wheels will be made out of one of the following: 

  • Steel: Steel wheels are the cheapest and arguably the easiest to repair. They are a very cost-effective option, but they are also the heaviest and least coveted for their appearance. Steel wheels have been around for a long time and hold up well even in winter when their extra weight might come in handy. 
  • Steel Composite: Steel composite wheels have a steel rim and a cast aluminum interior. Most of the time, these types of wheels are covered in chrome for a more attractive appearance. The cast aluminum center allows steel composite wheels to offer more design options than steel wheels. 
  • Alloy: Alloy wheels, also known as aluminum-alloy or aluminum wheels, are made out of mixed metals, the primary material being aluminumAlloy wheels are lighter, which makes them more optimal for high-performance driving. They also are common in high-performance vehicles due to their ability to dissipate heat, which can prevent brakes from overheating. Alloy wheels come in a wider variety of designs and finishes than steel wheels. 
  • 1 Piece Cast Aluminum: 1-piece cast aluminum wheels are the wheels that you will find most often. That is because they offer the most options in size, finish, and design. They are lighter than steel and steel composite wheels. 
  • 2- or 3-Piece Cast Aluminum: 2- and 3-piece cast aluminum wheels are made with similar materials as 1-piece cast aluminum, but the process of making them is different. That is because they have more pieces that need to be assembled. A 2-piece cast aluminum wheel has a rim and a center, just like steel composite wheels. 2- and 3-piece cast aluminum wheels are more limited than 1-piece models in terms of finish and size. 
  • Forged: Forged wheels are the lightest type of wheel. The forging process allows them to be built with less material than a 1-piece cast aluminum wheel but also limits them in style. They are more expensive to make, which is why size options are limited. 
  • Carbon Fiber: Carbon Fiber wheels are the most expensive option because they are a sought-after product. Usually, carbon fiber wheels are only seen on performance-focused vehicles. They are lighter and stronger than other wheel types, but they come at a high price and can’t be repaired as easily. 
Sherwood Ford custom wheel option in silver
Sherwood Ford custom wheel option with a star shape
Sherwood Ford custom wheel option with a circle center
Sherwood Ford custom wheel options with Ford sign

What are the different types of wheel finishes on custom wheels? 

Wheel finishes are layers of material that coat the bare metal. The point of having a wheel finish is to prevent the bare metal from corroding. The three main types of wheel finishes are the following: 

  • Chrome Plating: Chrome plating, also referred to as chrome wheels, is a thin layer of chrome that covers steel or alloy wheels. It is a classic wheel style that is reflective and mirror-like. Many people like chrome-finished wheels for their classic appearance. 
  • Powder Coating: Powder coating is a more durable option. It can come in bold, bright colors which may make it a good choice for custom wheels. Powder coating requires professional equipment to be applied. 
  • Clear Coating: Clear coating is what it sounds like, a clear coat that allows the metal to shine through. If you like the look of metal, this will be your best option. Sometimes, people follow a clear coat with a layer of paint.  
Sherwood Ford custom wheel option in black
Sherwood Ford custom wheel option with six spokes
Sherwood Ford custom wheel option in black and white
Wheels in the Sherwood Ford facility

What are the best custom wheel brands available near Edmonton, AB? 

There are many great brands of wheels available here at Sherwood Ford, and all of our custom wheels offer high quality, unique designs. Some of the most popular brands that you can find at our dealership include the following: 

  • Asanti 
  • Fuel 
  • Cali 
  • XD 
  • Recon 
  • Dirty Life 
  • XF 
  • American Racing 
  • Moto Metal 
  • GT