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What at-home electric vehicle charging options does Ford offer?

Ford launches six new fast chargers for home charging 

What options do you have for charging your Ford EV at home? Scroll down to learn more about new charging stations created by Ford Pro for your EV. You can find Ford EV models here at Sherwood Ford in Sherwood Park, AB. 

Two Ford at-home charging options from Ford Pro 

In a recent press release from Ford, we learned about two new Ford at-home charging options, along with several other depot charging stations. For the home options, you have the Ford Pro AC Charging Station and the Ford Charge Station Pro. Here’s a little about each charger. 

  • The Ford Pro AC Charging Station will be available for home and depot use. It charges with 11.5 kilowatts of power and features a flexible 25-foot cable for charging your vehicle. This model has a front-facing user design for simple interactions, and it can connect to Wi-Fi or cellular devices along with ethernet cables.  
  • The Ford Charge Station Pro is for at-home use only. You can install this 19.2-kilowatt charger at no cost when you purchase the Ford F-150 Lightning with an extended-range battery. Not only can it connect to Wi-Fi, but it enables you to use Ford Intelligent Backup Power with home integration.  
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How do I get an at-home charging station with my Ford EV? 

Ford electric vehicles will come with a charging cord for use at home, but you can upgrade to one of the charging stations above by working with Ford Pro ™ FinSimple ™ to plan, design, install, operate, and maintain your station. Yes, Ford Pro FinSimple can do all that for you, and they work with customers with a consultative approach to help customers find the solutions they want.  

Other common EV charging topics and concerns 

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