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What is Ford’s Most Fuel-Efficient Car?

While over the years, Ford has been one of the most trusted brands, in recent years the brand has upped its game to bring drivers more efficient vehicles as well as high-quality vehicles. Of its non-hybrid or electric models, there are sedans, crossovers, SUVs and trucks all with efficient powertrain technology. However, which one gets the best gas mileage? Find out here with a complete list of the Ford lineup starting with the most efficient model.

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Ford’s Most Fuel-Efficient Car

When it comes to Ford sedans, while each one is ideal for various drivers, those looking for the most fuel-efficient for sedan or hatchback will find it in the 2017 Ford Fiesta. Read more about the model here.

2017 Fiesta – 8.6 City/ 6.7 Highway 2017 Focus – 9.5 City/ 7 Highway
2017 Fusion – 10 City/ 7 Highway
2017 Mustang – 11.2 City/ 7.8 Highway
2017 Taurus – 13.1 City/ 8.7 Highway

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Ford’s Most Fuel-Efficient SUV

Ford’s SUV and truck lineup provides drivers with some of the best, most capable vehicles on the market. Each offers flexibility, comfort and technologies paired with capable Ford engines. For the honor of most fuel efficient, the 2017 Escape and the 2017 Edge are tied. To find out which one meets your needs for cargo space as well as efficiency read more on our model information page.

2017 Escape – 10.6 City/ 8 Highway
2017 Edge – 11.3 City/ 8 Highway
2017 F-150 – 12.2 City/ 9.3 Highway
2017 Explorer – 12.6 City/ 8.6 Highway
2017 Flex – 14.7 City/ 10.2 Highway
2017 Expedition – 15.9 City/ 12 Highway

Fords most fuel-efficient suv

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