What to put in a snow emergency kit

What should be in a winter car kit?

While winter in Canada is certainly beautiful at times, it can be downright nasty during a Polar Vortex. Keeping an emergency kit is important at all times, not just during the cold months. What should be in a winter car kit? It’s important not to wait until an impending storm before you prepare for winter driving in Alberta. Here are a few ways to stay ahead of potential disaster.

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From Ford: “Survival kit must-haves for winter driving”

What’s contained in a winter car kit

You might already have a number of these handy tools inside your vehicle already. Depending on what you already own, you shouldn’t be looking at a hefty price tag to ensure that you’re ready for whatever winter decides to throw at you — we’ve got a simple solution for you below if you need to start a winter car kit.

What should be in a winter car kit?

Around 30 items may seem like a lot, but you’ll be able to feel a lot better about driving through inclement weather during the winter months.

Where to find items for your winter car safety kit

Nearly everything on the list above can be found at local hardware store, department store, or auto parts store. But, there is a way to order everything you need without making a trip to the store.

The Ford Road Assistance Kit has everything you need for around the same price and much less hassle. Plus, all of the accessories fit in a nice bag with a Ford logo on it.

Jump over to our parts page and enter following information in the form at the bottom after you’ve entered your name and vehicle make and model:

ORDER: Ford Road Assistance Kit

Part Name: Road Assistance KitPart Number: VFL3Z-19F515-A

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