Overhead view of 2021 Ford Bronco driving through Mojave Desert

Check out this new footage of the 2021 Ford Bronco!

2021 Ford Bronco Prototype Teaser Video

Since it was discontinued following the 1996 model year, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the Ford Bronco’s return to the market; the legend of the Bronco is one that stretches throughout decades and generations, always driven by body-on-frame construction, a durable and athletic ride, and an unmistakable attitude that demands your attention. All those qualities and more are prevalent in this new 2021 Ford Bronco Prototype Teaser Video, which our Sherwood Ford team will show you below!

2021 Ford Bronco Mule Testing Video from Mojave Desert

It should come as no surprise that much development has gone into ensuring that the 2021 Bronco is ready for life off the beaten path. Its prototype, seen in the video, already shows no problems crawling up rocky hills and tearing through straightaways in sand. It’s certainly a promising look for Canada’s original SUV!

Not just anyone is worthy to take the reins of this all-new powerhouse, though – that’s why Ford teamed up with Brad Lovell (a professional off-road racer) to test drive the new Bronco prototype in California’s Johnson Valley.  It may be a teaser video for bigger and better things coming the Bronco’s way, but already, the promise that it’s showing is prevalent – we can’t wait to see it in action!

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