Front view of red Ford Mustang at Ford Performance Racing School

Which Ford vehicles are eligible to Owners for Ford Performance Racing School?

If you’re as big a muscle and performance car enthusiast as we are, you’ve probably had racing at the top of your mind for the majority of your life. For many drivers, the prospect of dumping the clutch, hitting the pedal and heading for the track is often too good to pass up, which is why our Sherwood Ford team is excited to welcome you to Ford Performance Racing School in Utah! Here, you’ll be able to get all the skills you need to become just like the pros.  

Still, not every model is able to make it to the oval, so we want to help you figure out if your Ford is eligible. Come join us below as we tell you a bit more of the Racing School itself, as well as which Ford vehicles can be entered! 

About the Ford Performance Racing School in Grantsville UT 

Ford Performance Racing School first opened its doors back in 2006, on the grounds of the Utah Motorsports Campus just south of Great Salt Lake. Since then, it’s provided world-class instruction in high-performance driving to drivers from all skill levels, as well as complimentary programs offered to owners of Ford Performance vehicles. It’s truly a spot that gives you the best knowledge you can have to make your track-ready vehicle a top performer.  

Also, the FPRS is home to business and product training programs conducted for Michelin and BF Goodrich, two of the top tire manufacturers on the North American continent. It promises to provide a comprehensive learning experience on all the ins and outs of your performance model.  

Eligible Ford Models for the Ford Performance Racing School 

2012 marked the start of the Boss Track Attack program at FPRS, and since then, the school has expanded to provide racing courses for many Ford Performance vehicles. These programs and models include:  

Blue Ford Edge ST and Explorer ST models on white background

We should also mention that this year, FPRS will be opening regional headquarters in Concord and Tooele, both with satellite venues that will host the ST SUV Experience. If you own any one of these aforementioned models, we can’t recommend the Ford Performance Racing School strongly enough! 

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Learn more about the FPRS with Sherwood Ford serving Edmonton AB 

If you have any further questions regarding the Ford Performance Racing School and what you can learn there, be sure to give Sherwood Ford a call. We’d be happy to help!  

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