2023 Ford F-150 Lightning front view

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning claims Edmund’s Top Rated Electric Truck award 

Which vehicle was named the Best of the Best? 

The Ford F-150 Lightning has been named the Best of the Best by Edmunds, a reliable source for car shopping guidance for over five decades. Below, you can learn more about this award with us. Sherwood Ford is located in Sherwood Park, AB, and we’d love to see you here for a vehicle tour or test drive. 

Why was the Ford F-150 Lightning given this award? 

The award is part of the Edmunds Top Rated Awards for 2023 and was given based on the vehicle’s impact, innovation, and relevance to car shoppers, as determined by the Edmunds editorial team. The F-150 Lightning was recognized for its advanced purposeful technology that offers new solutions and value to customers.  

2023 Ford F-150 LIghtning front seats

What other titles has the Ford F-150 Lightning earned? 

The F-150 Lightning has won several other awards, including the North American Truck of the Year, MotorTrend Truck of the Year, and TIME Top 200 Invention of 2022. It has also received accolades from Kelley Blue Book, Wards, Autoblog, and TopGear.com, among others. Each award points to its excellency in design and versatility in function. 

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning push to start button

How are Edmund’s Top Rated Award winners determined? 

To determine the winners of the Edmunds Top Rated Awards, the Edmunds editorial team conducts vehicle testing and ranking, including the Edmunds EV Range Test for electric vehicles. The overall winners were selected from a group of finalists comprised of the highest-ranked eligible new vehicles as of November 1, 2022. The short and simple answer is that the F-150 Lightning earned this title because it aced vehicle testing and ranked higher than other new vehicles. 

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning with front trunk open

F-150 Lightning: At the Work Site | F-150 | Ford video 

This video showcases some of the great features that make the Ford F-150 Lightning the Best of the Best. Take a minute to check out these features and see why the Ford F-150 Lightning makes a great work truck.