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Why Choose Ford Canada Credit? 

Benefits of choosing Ford Canada Credit when buying or leasing a Ford vehicle

With so much commerce being hosted online nowadays, there are more ways than ever to get inside a high-quality Ford vehicle for a price that can fit your budget. One of the most popular ways to do so in our nation is via Ford Canada Credit, a financing service that has been at the epicentre of Canada’s auto financing world ever since 1962. Today, our Sherwood Ford team wants to show you some of the top benefits of choosing Ford Canada Credit when buying or leasing a Ford vehicle!   

Great Incentives and Rebates

Through Ford Canada Credit, there are always ways to get yourself set up with a budget-friendly Ford model; plenty of incentives happen throughout the year on most new Ford models, and rebate options allow you to get money back whenever you sign off. Click here to see which Ford vehicles are currently on sale!  

Financing and Leasing Options 

If you’re searching for a new, used, or pre-owned Ford vehicle, financing through Ford Canada Credit is a fantastic way to go. You have no kilometre limitations or wear-and-tear charges, and you can customize your vehicle to your standards at any time!

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Of course, if you’d rather lease a new Ford vehicle, Ford Canada Credit can take care of this as well. With customizable kilometre options, an Advance Payment Program, Gap Protection Benefit, and the ability to purchase your current model at the end of your term, there’s no downside to trusting Ford Canada!

Many Ways to Pay

Increased transparency and flexibility for car shoppers is the main focus for Ford Canada Credit’s operations. Its Account Manager tool allows you to select your preferred payment method, view your balance amounts, and help put more power back in your hands.

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Estimate Your Monthly Payments

Finally, and perhaps most important of all, Ford Canada Credit offers a Payment Estimator on its website, which allows you to see your predicted bi-monthly payments on the Ford vehicle that catches your eye. These estimates are based on the vehicle you’ve chosen, contract length, and whether or not you’re planning to buy or lease – you can tailor any of these selections to get the right price every time!