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Comfort Features on the 2018 Ford Focus

Impressive craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail run throughout the 2018 Ford Focus. No matter which trim level is best for you, the driver’s seat in your 2018 Focus will quickly become your new favorite seat.

It’s no secret that we spend a lot of time in our cars. We drive to work, home from work, to the store, to the mall, our cars have sort of become like our second homes. If your car is your second home, it just makes sense to make it as comfortable as possible, right? That’s what the designers at Ford thought and they’ve implemented some amazing comfort features and sophisticated styling that will make you fall in love with the 2018 Ford Focus.

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Focus RS Interior


Those who choose the sporty 2018 Focus RS will be treated to carbon-fibre accents located around the performance gauges, the e-brake, and the door handles. Not only do these add to the aesthetic appeal of the 2018 Focus RS, they’re also soft and pleasing to the touch. Speaking of touch, what’s the one thing that you’ll be touching the most in your car? The steering wheel, right? Well, coming standard on the Focus RS is a heated steering wheel! No more getting cold fingers while driving during these Alberta winters.


USB Ports


Coming standard on many Focus trims are smart-charging USB ports. These ports allow you to quickly and efficiently charge your phone, tablet, and anything else that can be plugged in. You can even keep streaming music and navigation from your phone while charging. This way your battery won’t run out when taking any long trips. Some Focus trim levels even have an available second USB port so your passenger can stay fully charged as well.


2018 Focus RS Interior with touchscreen and heated steering wheel
2018 Focus Automatic Dual-Zone Temperature Control


Automatic Temperature Control


Available on the 2018 Focus is an automatic Dual-Zone Electronic Temperature Control system. This feature is perfect for those who may run a little bit more hot or cold than their passengers. The Dual-Zone Electronic Temperature Control system allows the driver and front passenger to individually change and control the temperature on their respective sides of the vehicle. Significant other getting a little too chilly while you’re too warm? Not a problem with the Dual-Zone Electronic Temperature Control!


If the 2018 Ford Focus sounds like it’s going to be the perfect addition to your garage, come on over to our dealership and check one out! You can even take it out for a test drive to feel the warmth of the heated seats and feel the comfortable materials used on the seats, steering wheel, and much more!

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