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Get Wi-Fi installed in your Ford model with us!

Complimentary FordPass Package at Sherwood Ford near Edmonton AB 

Today’s Ford vehicles are more innovative and adaptable than ever, from their improved drivetrain capabilities to new tech capacities inside that make each of them top contenders in every market segment. FordPass is one of our favourite new innovations for the Ford lineup, as it brings great tech connectivity, convenience and communication right to the forefront of your ride. Best yet, you can get yours right now at Sherwood Ford! 

Join us below as we tell you all about our complimentary FordPass Package at Sherwood Ford in Sherwood Park AB – you’ll be able to see all that it can do, as well as how you can get it installed!  

Features of the FordPass and FordPass Connect Apps

FordPass is able to do some pretty incredible things, all of them more innovative than just about anything else in the automotive landscape. For starters, its app allows you to check up on your model from your smartphone, showing you fuel levels, and even letting you start and lock/unlock your car! 

Of course, the best part of FordPass is its ability to bring you blazing-fast internet inside your cabin. Most new Ford vehicles are outfitted with this technology, branded as FordPass Connect, which allows for Wi-Fi connection for up to 10 devices (including smartphones, tablets and even laptops) in a 50-foot radius from your vehicle. This way, you can stream all your media, communicate with friends, and so much more with no interruptions!  

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Get the FordPass App at our Sherwood Ford Service Centre 

If you’re interested in getting the FordPass suite, we’re happy to bring it to you – contact our service centre at your earliest convenience, and we’ll help you get updated so you can take full advantage of its features and functions!