Financing Options Provided by Ford Canada

Financing Options Provided by Ford Canada

If you’re dreaming of getting yourself and your family into a safer and more reliable vehicle, Ford Canada has the financing options to help you make that dream a reality.

At Sherwood Ford, we know how important it is to have a vehicle that makes you feel safe and that you can rely on. In addition to the great financing options that we offer here at our dealership, we also work with Ford Canada’s many financing options. Whether you’re interested in buying or leasing a vehicle, Ford Canada has the tools to help you get into the newer Ford vehicle you’ve been dreaming about. The financing options Ford Canada provides isn’t just limited to new vehicles either. If there’s a pre-owned vehicle that you’ve had your eye on, Ford Canada is here to help.

Buy or Lease? 

Apply for Credit Online


Ford Canada offers an easy and convenient way to apply for credit right from your living room. Once you apply, you’ll receive a message from Ford Canada almost immediately instead of having to wait a few days like other online financing options out there. Once you’ve been contacted by Ford Canada, give us a call to talk about the vehicle you’re interested in and we’ll discuss all the financing options available to you.


Finance vs Lease


Whichever option is best for your situation, Ford Canada is here to help. When you’re looking into financing your next Ford vehicle, you have free reign to choose whether you would like a brand-new model, a certified pre-owned Ford model, or any of our other pre-owned vehicles. If you decide that leasing is the better option for you and your family, you’ll be treated with a lower monthly cost, but leasing comes with a few limitations that financing doesn’t have. For example, when you lease a vehicle using Ford Canada’s financing options, you’ll have to determine a certain kilometre limit to drive each year. Going over the agreed upon kilometre limit can result in fines at the end of your lease.


Financing Options Provided by Ford Canada Options
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Finance Your Ford Vehicle at Sherwood Ford


When you come to our team here at Sherwood Ford with your Ford Canada financing, you’ll be treated to many options such as a payment calculator and a fuel-savings calculator. This allows you to see an estimate on the money you’ll be saving on gas with your new Ford as well as a range of what you would be paying each month whether you purchase or lease your next Ford vehicle. Come on over to our dealership today to get your Ford Canada financing started today!

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