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What features come with FordPass Smartlink?

FordPass SmartLink Features and Availability on new Ford models 

Being firmly entrenched in the middle of the Digital Age, we’re more connected to information, people, and our vehicles than ever before. Our phones can do a lot for us, and with Ford’s new FordPass SmartLink technology, they can help us keep better tabs on our models at all times. Today, our Sherwood Ford team will show you the best FordPass SmartLink features, as well as their availability (and cost) on new Ford models. Come check out how advanced the Ford line truly is!  

What can you do with FordPass SmartLink?  

There are three incredible benefits that FordPass SmartLink brings to the table, and we’ll cover them in greater detail below:  

Ford Pass SmartLink interface showing Vehicle Controls

Remote Vehicle Controls 

With the FordPass SmartLink app installed, you can control your vehicle right from your mobile device! It allows you to lock and unlock your Ford model, start its engine remotely, and even honk the horn.

FordPass SmartLink interface showing location services

Vehicle Location Assistance 

FordPass SmartLink also offers geofencing and speed alerts, allowing you to locate your vehicle if, say, you forgot where you parked. You’re also able to keep tabs on other vehicles with this tech installed, whether they be members of your family or drivers in your fleet business.  

FordPass SmartLink interface showing alerts and notifications

Alerts and Notifications 

As its name suggests, FordPass SmartLink is also highly intelligent. It will give you a notification if someone gets too close to your model, and can show you health alerts and diagnostics so you can always keep tabs on how well your Ford is running! 

 We should also mention that if your model has the relevant technology included, FordPass SmartLink can help you connect for mobile 4G WiFi! This comes with a complimentary data trial so that you can check it out for yourself! 

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Which Ford models have FordPass SmartLink available?  

We’ve got good news if you’re looking to take advantage of the FordPass SmartLink technology; all Ford vehicles from the 2010 to 2018 models are eligible! Of course, there are exceptions to this, which include the following model types:  

  • 2010 Fiesta 
  • 2013 Fusion 
  • Ford C-MAX 
  • Hybrid Electric (HEV), Battery Electric (BEV), or Plug-in Electric (PHEV) models 
  • Any model with a factory-installed embedded modem 

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How much does FordPass SmartLink cost?  

Prices for FordPass SmartLink technology will vary, depending on the year and model type that you own. We recommend that you come and see our Sherwood Ford sales team for more information regarding the FordPass SmartLink pricing options, and we’ll be happy to help get you set up!