A man holding a tire by a rack of tires

How do I change a flat tire on my Ford F-150 truck?

Video and text guide to changing a flat tire on a Ford F-150 truck 

How do you change a flat tire on your Ford F-150 truck? Below, we offer you a video and text guide to changing a flat tire on a Ford F-150 truck. Follow along with our text guide or watch the video for a visual. Come to Sherwood Ford to swap out your spare tire for a new tire in Sherwood Park, AB. 

Directions for changing your Ford F-150 truck’s tire 

Time needed: 30 minutes.

This guide applies to Ford F-150 trucks. We’ve also written a general guide on how to change a flat tire that applies to most Ford models. If you drive a Ford F-150, keep reading or skip ahead to the video below. 

  1. Get all passengers out of the truck.

    You don’t want the extra weight in the truck when you are jacking it up. Unfortunately, this means everyone must sit outside while the tire is swapped. 

  2. Activate your hazards, set your park brake, put your vehicle in park, and turn the engine off.

    Especially if you are pulled over on the side of the road, these steps are for your own safety. You don’t want your truck rolling while you perform maintenance. 

  3. Grab your tool kit and jack.

    These tools are located behind the second-row seats opposite the driver’s side of the vehicle. Pull the seat forward using the appropriate lever and take your tools out. 

  4. Unlock the cylinder on the back bumper of your truck.

    You’ll use your car key to do so. It gives you access to lower the spare tire. 

  5. Assemble and insert the jack.

    There is a guide tube for inserting the jack right under the key insertion area on the rear bumper of your truck. You will need to do step four to access this guide tube. 

  6. Turn the jack counterclockwise.

    This will lower the spare tire from its spot under the bed of your truck. Turn the jack until the tire is low and there is plenty of slack on the guidewire. 

  7. Break and loosen the bolts on your flat tire.

      Don’t remove them yet, just loosen them. You’ll remove them after jacking up the truck. 

  8. Set the jack and turn it clockwise.

    Check out the video for correct jack placement if you do not know where to jack up your truck. For front tires, you’ll find a little arrow in the correct spot. Turn the wrench until the entire tire is off the ground. 

  9. Remove the lug nuts.

    Earlier you loosened them, and now you can remove them. Keep the lug nuts in a safe place. 

  10. Remove the flat tire.

    Once the lug nuts are off, the wheel and tire should come off easily. It is as simple as lifting and pulling. 

  11. Mount the new tire.

    Basically, do the reverse of step ten but with your spare tire. Make sure the mounting area is clean and rust-free. 

  12. Reapply the lug nuts.

    The lug nuts hold the wheel to the truck’s hub. Tighten them with your fingers, not the wrench. 

  13. Lower the truck back down.

    Use the wrench in the opposite direction to lower your jack and the spare tire until it is rested on the ground. Then you can remove the jack. 

  14. Tighten the lug nuts.

    Use the wrench now to tighten the lug nuts as much as possible. It is important that the wheel is tight on your truck. At this point, it is ready to drive on. You can put everything away and drive to the nearest dealership, where you can swap the spare tire for a permanent one. Spare tires are not meant for long-term use. 

Step by Step How to Change a Flat Tire on a Ford F-150 video by Sherwood Ford