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How much does it cost to get seasonal tires mounted in Edmonton, AB?

Seasonal tire swap price and special offer at Sherwood Ford this winter 

How much does it cost to get seasonal tires mounted in Edmonton, AB? Here, we have a special offer that brings down the price of a seasonal tire swap to just $59.95. Keep reading below to learn more about this special offer at Sherwood Ford this winter. Visit us in Sherwood Park near Edmonton, AB. 

Why should you get a seasonal tire swap? 

Swapping out your summer tires for winter tires and vice versa comes with three main benefits. On top of these benefits, it is also discounted. So, what are you waiting for? Here’s why you should visit Sherwood Ford for a tire swap. 

  • Getting a seasonal tire swap can help preserve your tires. Since you only use your tires for roughly half a year with a seasonal tire swap, your tires will last longer. Plus, your tires will be used in the temperatures in which they hold up best: cold weather for winter tires, and hot weather for summer tires.  
  • By getting a tire swap before summer and winter, your vehicle will be better prepared to handle the unique terrain of winter snow or summer rain. For you, this means greater safety and control on the road. 
  • Tire swapping every six months serves as a great reminder to get your other regular maintenance done. For one, you can get your tires rotated and balanced when you get them swapped out, which are two services which you would need to get anyway. 
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What is our special offer on a seasonal tire swap? 

Right now, you can get a seasonal tire swap for $59.95. With this deal, you will get your summer and winter tires mounted on their own set of rims. Then we will replace the current set of wheels on your vehicle with your other set, already on their own rims.