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Service Specials for March 2020 near Edmonton, AB

Where can I find discounted vehicle maintenance near Edmonton, AB this month? 

Our dealership offers service specials throughout the year to reward our customers for choosing to do maintenance at Sherwood Ford. This month, we have many great deals for drivers in the Edmonton area to take advantage of. Continue reading below to learn about our service specials for March 2020 near Edmonton, AB. 

March Service Specials at Sherwood Ford 

The Works – from $89.95 

The Works includes all of the following: 

  • Up to 5 L of Motorcraft ® oil 
  • An oil filter 
  • A tire rotation 
  • A brake inspection 
  • A fluid top-off 
  • A battery test 
  • An inspection of filters, belts, and hoses 

Seasonal Tire Swap – $59.95 

With the weather starting to warm up, it is important that you switch out your winter tires for summer or all-season alternatives. This price applies to summer and winter tires mounted on their own set of rims. 

Do winter tires really make a difference? 

Seasonal Tire Swap – $149.95 

Get your seasonal tire swap done on time this year at Sherwood Ford. This price applies to off rim tires. If your summer and winter tires share one set of rims, then we swap them out on those rims. 

Tire storage at Sherwood Ford 

2- or 4-Wheel Alignment – from $169.95 

After driving on snowy and icy roads all winter, your wheels may be unaligned. Getting them aligned can help improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and prevent tire wear. This service is recommended ever 24,140 km driven. 

Transmission Service – from $349.95 

Our technicians will clean out your transmission. All of the oil will be removed, and new oil will be run through your vehicle’s transmission to remove grime and sludge. This service is recommended every 96,000 km driver. 

Coolant Service – $269.95 

Keep your coolant system clean with a bi-annual system flush to remove any accumulated grime. This helps prevent breakdowns and internal engine issues. 

Brake Fluid Flush – $169.95 

Do you feel like your vehicle’s brakes aren’t performing as well as they used to? If you are experiencing brake issues, a brake fluid flush may be what you need to improve responsiveness. 

Battery Service – $59.95 

If you’ve ever experienced a dead car battery, then you know how inconvenient it is to have battery issues. Keep your vehicle’s battery in good shape with regular battery services. 

Alignment Check – Free 

If you aren’t sure whether your vehicle’s tires are unaligned, feel free to stop by our dealership for a free tire alignment check. 

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Service Specials in Sherwood Park, AB