Used vehicles at Sherwood Ford dealership

Which Pre-owned Car, Truck or SUV at Sherwood Ford is Right for You?

Benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle at Sherwood Ford near Edmonton, AB 

The new Ford inventory at Sherwood Ford is complemented by an extensive array of pre-owned vehicles, including SUVs, pickup trucks, crossover SUVs, commercial vehicles, and much more. If you are interested in purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, then check out the quality used vehicles that have earned the Sherwood Ford stamp of approval. Below, you can learn about several ways to choose the right pre-owned car, truck, or SUV at our dealership near Edmonton, AB. 

How to choose a pre-owned vehicle make and model 

With such a huge variety of used cars, how can you make a choice? The five benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle that we have laid out below can all help you in finding the perfect used vehicle at our dealership. Read through them and come pay us a visit at your earliest convenience. Plus, take a few test drives to help narrow down your search. 

Front view of white 2020 Ford Fusion driving through city

Front headlights illuminated on 2019 Ford Explorer

2017 Ford F-150

Five benefits of choosing a used car at our dealership 

Price of used vehicles compared with new vehicles 

One of the first things you can do to help narrow down your search for a pre-owned vehicle is to determine your budget or price range. A major benefit of buying a pre-owned vehicle is that its selling value went down the minute it was first sold, which means that we can sell it to you at a much better price than you would get if it was brand new. If you don’t mind driving a car that someone else has owned, you open yourself up to saving hundreds or thousands of dollars, which means that whatever price range you set can get you a quality pre-owned vehicle. Once you have set a price range, you can use our online inventory search filters to see what is available currently and get an idea of your options. 

View used vehicles under $15,000 near Edmonton, AB

AMVIC inspected pre-owned vehicles 

Another important aspect of choosing a pre-owned vehicle is its condition. Here at Sherwood Ford, we only accept the very best used vehicle on our lot. Each vehicle that you see in our used inventory has been put through a rigorous, multi-point inspection from one of our highly trained service technicians. This is what it means to earn the Sherwood Ford seal of approval. Of course, you are encouraged to check out the vehicle yourself by visiting us in person. You can also consider mileage as a part of its condition. 

Online vehicle history 

If you have found a vehicle or two that you are interested in, be sure to check out the CARFAX report which we have available for every used vehicle. It may help you narrow down your search, as it provides you with information on the vehicle’s history of accidents and damages, recalls, maintenance, and registration.  

Insurance cost of pre-owned vehicles 

If you are vacillating in your decision to buy a pre-owned vehicle, then we have one more major benefit that you may not have considered. When an insurance company determines your rate, they can factor in the value of your vehicle. Since a used vehicle is considered to have a lower monetary value, you can possibly enjoy the perk of a lower insurance rate with a pre-owned vehicle. 

Upfront pricing at Sherwood Ford 

We’ve looped all the way back around to pricing, as that is likely one of the biggest factors in your decision on what pre-owned vehicle is right for you. We offer transparent pricing at Sherwood Ford to help you find what you are looking for with no big surprises when you come in to buy. When making your choice, remember that you won’t have to deal with hours of haggling or last-minute price adjustments. 

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