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What dealerships offer Ford tire price match?

Ford tire price matching near Edmonton, AB 

What dealerships offer Ford tire price match? If you’re in the Edmonton area, then you can come to us, Sherwood Ford. We offer the Ford Price Match Promise, and we’d love to help you find appropriate tires for your vehicle. We’re located nearby, in Sherwood Park, AB. 

Ford Tires Price Match Promise video by Sherwood Ford 

What is tire price matching? 

Tire price match means that if you find the same tires advertised for less than what we sold our tires for, we will match that offer. In order to be applicable, the advertisement must be a recent advertisement from our area, with the exact same tires that you purchased in the advertisement. If you find one like that, bring it in to our service department. 

What types of tires are offered at Sherwood Ford in Sherwood Park, AB? 

We offer a wide variety of tires for your vehicle. Whatever make or model you have, we’re sure we can find a suitable match. We offer many popular tire brands and a few different styles of tires. Here are some tire types for you to consider. 

  • All-season tires are good for the average driver. They do well in a wide temperature range and offer a nice middle ground for drivers. 
  • Winter tires are the tires that you should have equipped once the first snowfall of the season hits. These offer the most traction on snow and ice. 
  • Performance tires are suitable for performance cars like the Ford Mustang. They provide a firm grip on the road for efficient acceleration. 
  • All-terrain tires should be used if you plan to drive off-road. They are best suited for rocks, gravel, and dirt.