Ford Super Duty pulling hay bales

How does diesel engine exhaust braking work in a Ford truck?

Video guide to diesel engine braking in a Ford vehicle 

How does diesel engine exhaust braking work in a Ford truck? Watch the video guide below to find your answer or scroll down and read what we have to say. You can learn more and find your next truck here at Sherwood Ford in Sherwood Park, AB. 

Diesel Engine Exhaust Braking | Ford How-To | Ford video by Ford Motor Company 

Some Ford Super Duty trucks are equipped with diesel engine exhaust braking capabilities. As you can see in the video, this is a useful feature for driving with a trailer. Below, we’ll transcribe more of what the video says for your review. 

How diesel engine exhaust braking gives you better control 

If you have a Ford Super Duty truck with the ability to use diesel engine exhaust braking, then you’re in luck. This system will help you stay in control as you travel with a trailer. Here’s how it works: 

  • If you have the system turned on, it will create full engine exhaust braking as long as your foot is off the accelerator. 
  • If you have the system turned on auto, it will use engine exhaust braking as it deems necessary to help maintain your vehicle’s speed. 
  • If you turn the system off, no engine braking will happen. This is the default mode. 

When you should use diesel engine exhaust braking 

So, when should you use diesel engine exhaust braking? Like we’ve said, it is useful for traveling with a trailer. It is also useful for traveling with a heavy payload or when you’re driving on steep grades in mountainous or hilly terrain.