Ford Bronco Sport side view

Is the Ford Bronco Sport an eco-friendly vehicle?

How Ford Bronco Sport vehicles use recycled ocean plastic 

Is the Ford Bronco Sport an eco-friendly vehicle? It probably isn’t the first Ford vehicle that comes to mind, which would be the Ford EcoSport or the Ford F-150 Lightning, but the Ford Bronco Sport is an eco-friendly vehicle, evidenced by its use of recycled ocean plastics. Keep reading to learn more with us, Sherwood Ford. We’re near Edmonton in Sherwood Park, AB. 

What part of the Ford Bronco Sport uses recycled ocean plastic? 

a person opening a seat in the Ford Bronco

The wiring harness clips in the Ford Bronco Sport are made from 100% recycled ocean plastics. This part of the vehicle is invisible to vehicle occupants and weighs about five grams. They fasten to the sides of the seating and guide wires that power airbags. This is a small part of the vehicle but multiplied over thousands of vehicles, it makes a big difference in sustainability. 

Where do the recycled ocean plastics in the Ford Bronco Sport come from? 

DSM Engineering Materials harvests plastic from the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. These plastics, which mainly come from the fishing industry in the form of discarded fishing nets, are harmful to marine life. By clearing them out of the ocean, fish and mammals are saved from the effects of the netting, and the materials can be recycled for better use, creating a durable material that represents a 10% cost savings and less production energy over previous parts. 

Has Ford used recycled plastic on models other than the Ford Bronco Sport? 

Yes, Ford has been using recycled plastics for more than two decades. The difference here is that these recycled plastics are coming from our oceans, which wasn’t the case in the past. One example is the 2020 Ford Escape, which used recycled water bottles in its lightweight, noise-reducing, aerodynamic-enhancing underbody shields.