Ford Global Window System 2017 Fusion

How to Use Ford’s Global Window System

Remote Window Open/Close Feature on the 2017 Fusion

During the summer, your car can get extremely hot sitting in the parking lot while you’re running errands or at a baseball game and just enjoying your summer. Just think about how great it would be to be able to roll down the windows and air out your car before you get in. Well, with the 2017 Ford Fusion from Sherwood Ford, you can cool your vehicle down before you drive using Ford’s Global Window System. A Fusion fit with this feature allows you to use your key fob to open and close your Fusion’s windows and sunroof. Keep reading to see how it works.

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2017 Ford Fusion Remote Window System

Opening and closing the windows on your Fusion with the Ford Global Window System is as easy as pressing a button. Following the steps below, you’ll be able to roll up or roll down all of the windows and open/close the sunroof via your key fob.

To Open Windows:

  1. Unlock Vehicle
  2. Press and Hold the Unlock Button for 3 Seconds
  3. You can Stop the Windows Going Down at Any Point By Pressing the Lock or Unlock Button Once

To Close Windows:

  1. Press and Hold the Lock Button for 2 Seconds and Windows Will Begin to Roll Up
Ford Key Fob Window Control
Ford Fusion Global Window System

What is the range of a car remote?

The Ford Global Window System only works if the key fob is within range of the vehicle, just as it is when trying to lock or unlock the vehicle. Typically, a vehicle key fob will function within 20 meters of the vehicle.

How to Enable or Disable the Ford Global Window System

While the Global Window System is a great feature, there may be some instances throughout the year when you won’t want it enabled. Instances such as winter when you want to keep any bit of warmth in the vehicle that you can…

How To Enable & Disable The Global Window System Via the Driver Display:

  1. Start Vehicle
    Use the Button on the Left Side of Steering Wheel to Control Settings
    Vehicle Settings > Windows
    Enable or Disable Remote Open and Close

See a Full Demonstration of the Ford Global Window System

To get your 2017 Fusion with the Ford Global Window System, come see our team at Sherwood Ford. You can also schedule a test drive online with any Ford model fit with the system.