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Summer Road Trip Checklist for your Ford Vehicle in 2019

The Celsius scale is finally beginning to climb back up, which can only mean one thing – it’s summer! With mountains, picturesque valleys, and plenty of camping available right in our backyard, Central Alberta is a hotbed for adventure. Before you head out, however, check out our summer road trip checklist for your Ford vehicle in 2019 – it’s always best to come prepared!

What are the best things to bring on a road trip?

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Drinks and Snacks

Getting hungry and thirsty can happen at any point, especially when you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you’re starting to get the munchies, be sure to bring plenty of snacks and beverages along with you – it’ll keep you and the kids happy and full, without needing to stop off for food.

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Entertainment Options

Your main focus on a road trip should obviously be driving, but boredom is sure to set in at any point. To combat this, pack some books, handheld games, CDs, or anything else you think your passengers will like. Keeping them happy is essential to making your journey that much better!

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First Aid Kit

For as fun as outdoor exploration is, it can also be dangerous for any reason. Most new Ford vehicles come outfitted with a first aid kit, so if you encounter any problems, you’ll be well-equipped to treat them. Taking the necessary precautions on a trip is never a bad idea.

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Parts and Fluids

Even if your Ford model is new, there’s always a threat of breaking down or needing some maintenance when you’re driving. So, we recommend that you always have a supply of oil, coolant, wiper fluid, a spare tire, and other provisions so that you can handle any snags.

Best 2019 Ford Models for a Road Trip

The good news for you is that if you’re in search of a new Ford model to accompany you on your next journey, we have plenty of high-performing and capable SUVs and crossovers that are able to handle what you need to bring along. Models like the Edge (with 73.4 cubic feet of cargo space), Escape (68 cubic feet) and Explorer (80 cubic feet, three rows of seats) are roomy and efficient one in the same, so there will always be a good selection right here on our lot.

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Test drive a new Ford vehicle at Sherwood Ford in Edmonton AB

If you’re hunting for a fresh new vehicle for any desire, please feel free to contact Sherwood Ford as soon as you get the chance. We’re happy to help you schedule a test drive or work out a financing deal on any Ford model that catches your eye.

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