Ford mechanic checking car battery in service bay

Tips for Ford Car Battery Charging and Replacement

Icy and snowy road conditions have a way of wreaking havoc on your daily drive, beyond the hazardous conditions that often lie ahead on the road. With frigid air comes an increased risk of your car battery dying or diminishing in performance, and when that happens, you need the right tools and knowledge at your disposal to get back up and running. So, today our Sherwood Ford team will show you some helpful tips for Ford car battery charging and replacement so that you can keep moving no matter the weather!  

Common ways you can tell that your Ford battery is dying 

There are a few crucial warning signs you need to be aware of that your car battery isn’t working like it should. The most noticeable, however, is a slow, sluggish crank from your engine when you attempt to turn it over; since it takes a lot of energy to get your vehicle started (especially when it’s cold out), a dying battery will take longer to achieve this.  

You might also be alerted to a dying or dead battery if your Check Engine light comes on. If it does, be sure to pop the hood of your Ford vehicle as long as it’s safe to do so. If you see visible leakage, a swollen battery case, or a low fluid level from your battery’s casing, that’s tell-tale sign that its days are numbered. 

How often does your battery need to be replaced?  

Under the right conditions, your Ford model’s battery is good to last anywhere from four to seven years. If you keep it fully charged and drive daily, your chances of longer battery life are increased, but in any case, should you notice the symptoms above, it’s probably time to get your battery replaced.  

Using jumper cables to jump start a Ford battery

How to jump start a car battery with a charger pack 

We’ve discussed materials that you should have in a winter safety kit in the past, and a big component you should keep with you is a portable battery pack or some quality jumper cables. Once you’ve verified that it’s up and running properly, check out the following steps to get your Ford vehicle started again:  

  1. On your battery pack, you’ll see two cables coloured red and black – these correspond to the positive and negative terminals of your battery, respectively. Be sure to attach them properly, though; connecting them backwards could lead to your battery exploding.  
  2. Your portable charger should have a power switch; turn it on to restart your Ford model’s battery. As soon as you do, electric charges will flow and your battery should have enough juice to get you started, so attempt to turn your car on.  
  3. As soon as your engine turns over, you’re good to turn the battery pack off and disconnect the cables, negative terminal first. Then close the hood of your model.  

As soon as you get your vehicle started, you should keep it running for about half an hour so your Ford has time to recharge itself!  

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Get your Ford vehicle’s battery replaced at Sherwood Ford in Edmonton AB 

No matter what the reason is for it happening, if your battery is dead and you need a replacement, feel free to come visit our Sherwood Ford service centre. Our factory-trained technicians are happy to help you find a long-lasting and powerful battery for your Ford model, so contact us today to schedule an appointment!