2020 Ford Ranger and F-150 models parked off road

What is included with the Ford Performance Off-Road Leveling Kit?

Today’s pickups have, unsurprisingly, been built to be stronger and more durable than ever. If you’re currently in ownership of an F-150 or Ranger model, we have some awesome news for you from Ford itself – now, you can get a specialized Off-Road leveling kit for your model for maximum performance and precision when heading away from the pavement! Today, our Sherwood Ford team will be taking you through what’s included with the all-new Ford Performance Off-Road package, so you can see just how easy it is to take on any terrain.

Additions to Ford trucks with the Ford Performance Off-Road Leveling Kit

There are four primary components to the Ford Performance Off-Road Kit, all of them intended to give you better cooling capacity, reduced noise and vibration, and optimal spring rate when you’re heading off the beaten path. We’ve listed them below:

  • Aluminum FOX shock bodies
  • Front coilover springs
  • Upper front mounts w/ polyurethane bushings
  • 2-inch front lift levels

Combined, this kit is intended to give your Ranger or F-150 model improved ground clearance, and better approach and breakover angles than would be possible under a standard build of each pickup. This results in a 21 per cent increase in approach angle for the Ranger, and a 22 per cent increase for the F-150, when outfitted with a 145-inch (368 cm) wheelbase.

Orange 2019 Ford Ranger driving over rocks

Profile view of blue 2019 Ford F-150 driving off road

How much does the Ford Performance Off-Road Leveling Kit cost?

First things first, Ford’s off-road leveling kit will be available on the 2019 Ranger, and all F-150 models from the 2015 model year to the present. Current prices are only figured in USD, where the leveling kit will set you back $1,495 before installation. Of course, that’s well worth it for added ground clearance and control off the track!

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